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How to spell CKASS correctly?

If you meant to type "class" but mistakenly wrote "ckass", don't worry! Autocorrect errors can happen to anyone. Here are a few suggestions for the correct spelling: "class", "clash", "cloak" or "clock". Remember to check your spelling before sending any important messages or documents.

List of suggestions on how to spell ckass correctly

  • bass The bass in this song is so loud, it's vibrating my eardrums!
  • cabs I have seen many yellow cabs on the streets of New York City.
  • CADS
  • CAMS At a car show, I saw a CAMS car.
  • cans I pack my lunch in cans.
  • caps I have a few caps for your bottle.
  • cars There were several cars parked in front of the building.
  • case The detective was assigned to solve the case of the missing diamond necklace.
  • cases I have several cases of unidentified DNA.
  • cash
  • cask The ale was aged in a wooden cask for several months before being bottled.
  • cast She was destined to be a great actress, but her career was cut short when she was cast in a terrible horror movie.
  • cats Cats are popular pets all over the world.
  • caws The caws of the crows were incessant and filled the air with a chorus of harsh cries.
  • class I need to find my math class.
  • classy She always dresses in a classy manner for formal events.
  • Claus Santa Claus is known for bringing gifts to children on Christmas Eve.
  • CLAWS One of the students had his claws out.
  • Coals
  • coast I'm going to take a walk on the coast.
  • coats
  • crass I cannot believe she would be so crass as to bring up that particular topic.
  • cress I love adding cress to my salad for a peppery taste.
  • cross The Catholic priest made the sign of the cross before entering the church.
  • cuss I asked my friend not to cuss in front of my parents.
  • glass
  • grass The field was covered in a thin layer of deep green grass.
  • KANS
  • kiss I'll give you a big, wet, passionate kiss goodbye.
  • lass I have a detention with Lass.
  • mass I can feel the mass of the asteroid as I steer my ship.
  • pass After a brief exam, the student was able to pass the test.
  • sass She couldn't help but give him some sass when he made that rude remark.
  • TASS

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