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How to spell CKECKED correctly?

If you accidentally typed "ckecked" instead of "checked", there are several potential corrections. You could try "checked" - the correct spelling of the word. Alternatively, "checked" - replacing the erroneous "e" with "ed". Remember to proofread carefully to catch any misspellings before finalizing your work.

List of suggestions on how to spell ckecked correctly

  • checked
  • cheeked She had rosy cheeked with joy.
  • Chocked I chocked on my food when I laughed at the joke.
  • chucked
  • Clacked I clacked my keys together as I walked to my car.
  • clerked
  • Clicked I clicked on the email I received.
  • clocked She clocked her fastest time yet on the track, beating her personal record by 2 seconds.
  • Clucked After having her eggs scrambled, she clucked her tongue in disgust and threw the skillet in the sink.
  • Cocked I cocked the gun and pointed it at him.
  • cracked The eggshell cracked as I dropped it on the countertop.
  • Creaked The old wooden floorboards creaked as I walked across them.
  • crocked I thought I was holding the camera straight, but the photo came out crocked.
  • decked Sarah had decked out their living room with bright lights and garlands for the holidays.
  • kicked He kicked the ball so hard that it went flying over the fence.
  • necked The man screamed as the lion clamped its teeth around his necked.
  • Pecked
  • wrecked The storm wrecked the small fishing boat, leaving it in pieces on the shore.

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