How to spell CLAIN correctly?

We think the word clain is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell clain correctly

  • cabin "Go to your cabin, sir!
  • cain Where did Cain get his wife, and why did he build a city?
  • cairn "And you are thinking, Harry," Yaspard exclaimed, "that this cairn may cover some portion of the den-perhaps be the entrance to it?"
  • cali :19 ugaar( muuse saleebaan ) and cali saleebaan are prominent majeerteen clans in bari region with Nineteen other Majeerteen clans inhabit the Bari Region.
  • calling Do you think I would or could fall short of the mark of the prize of the high calling?
  • calvin Calvin died in 1564, eleven years after the birth of Henry of Navarre, at the age of fifty-five.
  • can "How can you talk like that?
  • claim And one of us has got to be left to prove up the claim."
  • clan The Horse clan came from the Fork of the River, where the Sweet Briar joins the River of Stones.
  • clang They melt in passionate embrace, But clang of armor bids them flee; Within a nightly refuge place They nurse the new-found ecstasy.
  • clank And clank, clank went the chain again, and whir-r-r the engine, and up would come a pair of oil casks, as though the crane were some giant forceps which was plucking out the great wooden teeth of the vessel.
  • clarion He had forgotten all about The Clarion.
  • claw "Let's go back home, and I'll put the lobster claw on my nose, and we'll play Punch and Judy.
  • clay This ground had been ploughed and dug up again and again, and planted with trees and shrubs of various kinds which were supposed to grow on any soil, but they had always languished and died, and no wonder, since the soil was a hard white clay resembling china clay.
  • clean The fingers of the rebbe were long, and the nails, I am afraid, were not very clean.
  • cline In September 2011 Victor & Robert Dowdy were inducted into the Virginia Folk Music Association Hall of Fame, joining other Virginia music Hall of Fame members that include Patsy Cline, The Statler Brothers, Jimmy Dean, Mac Wiseman, Tony Rice, The Stanley Brothers & others.
  • cling Bishop and Chapter will have been driven out; and we, the rank and file, whose only desire is to cling to the Church in which we were baptized and bred, will find ourselves exiles and homeless.
  • clink
  • clio I saw a beautiful girl driving a clio.
  • clone
  • clown The clown was veryooky.
  • coin I got a coin for my coaster.
  • colon After I ate, I felt sick and needed to go to the bathroom.
  • gain
  • glean The farmer gleaned what edible plants were growing in the dung pile.
  • jain Jains live solely by following the principles of ahimsa, or nonviolence.
  • klan They were planning to form a Klan.
  • klein I'm a bit small for my age, but I'm still a bit klein.
  • kline I always kline my teeth after every meal.
  • lan The party was cancelled because of laning.
  • lawn
  • lin I bought this book because it is one of my favorite books.
  • loin Prince charming was wearing a loincloth.
  • plain I don't like your plain taste.
  • slain After slaying the dragon, the hero walked away with the jewel.
  • Carlin Carlin flashed a glance over his shoulder at the fishermen who stood looking on in stoical silence.
  • Clawing But he heard tiny pulses throb and beat, He felt slim fingers clawing out of sight And hearkened to the patter of tiny feet.
  • Clingy I don't like clingy women.
  • Coaling I need to coal the furnace before the cold weather sets in.
  • Lain I hesitate to open the door because there may be a rat inside.
  • Golan Toward the Golan Heights, Israel's border with Syria, the landscape is hilly and rugged.
  • Colin
  • Collin
  • Culling In the wild, culling is a natural part of the predator-prey relationship.
  • Clair A girl like this St. Clair girl of course knew all the epaulettes there were."
  • Clint
  • McClain
  • clans Now the clans were at the rapids.
  • CALIF Historical and Descriptive Sketch Book of Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino ... Reporter Publishing House, Napa City, Calif.

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