How to spell CLARTY correctly?

We think the word clarty is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell clarty correctly

  • calamity Whatever happened, her mother must never know of this calamity.
  • carat
  • card He gave me a card with his contact information.
  • caret
  • carroty His mustache was so carroty that it looked like it had been pulled with a lot of force.
  • cart I see a cartload of eggs and poultry out in the driveway.
  • cartel The cartel is conspiring to overthrow the government.
  • carter The carter attended to the horses.
  • cat
  • catty I'm not just a catty girl, I'm a real catty girl.
  • clad Everyone prepared for the cold weather clad in heavy clothing.
  • clammy
  • claret
  • clarity
  • clark I need to call Clark.
  • classy She always dresses classy, no matter what she's doing.
  • clatter The noise from the pot knocked Chakotay off his feet.
  • claw I have a large claw for a hand.
  • clay After baking in the oven, the clay's surface was very hard.
  • clayey The clayey soil was perfect for growing vegetables.
  • clear It is now clear what the problem is.
  • clearly
  • cleat My shoe was too tight and my cleats kept slipping.
  • cleats
  • clergy The clergyman gave a sermon on morality.
  • clot My head is starting to feel like it's covered in a massive clot.
  • cloudy The clouds were very cloudy today.
  • clout She had the clout to get the job.
  • cloy She was so over-the-top sweet that it was beginning to feel a little cloying.
  • coat
  • courtly A courtly manner is the embodiment of politeness.
  • crate Benson searched high and low for a crate to store his newfangled electronic device, but to no avail.
  • crt
  • curt The funeral was quite sad, but the service was quite uplifting with the cort performance.
  • curtly I curtly told her that she needed to leave.
  • eclat This diamond has achieved tremendous eclat in the industry.
  • lady
  • laity
  • lard She likes to fry eggs in lard.
  • lat I'll meet you at the lat.
  • late She was late for the party.
  • platy
  • salty I got a bit of salt in my eye.
  • Carl He is Carl the caterer who will be providing the food for the party.
  • Clare
  • Lardy The lamb was Lardy.
  • Malty After finishing her beer, she decided to walk to the store because it was start to get cold.
  • Cato
  • Clair I have a copy of Clair de Lune that my grandmother gave me.
  • Claude To date, Claude has the most successful cooking show in history.
  • Carly
  • Clara She was in the habit of quoting obscure passages from the works of Clara Schumann.
  • Clarke After the successful launch of the new Clarke cruising yacht, John decided to invest in a new yacht.
  • Katy
  • CATT
  • KART I'm going to races this weekend.
  • flirty She tried to flirt but he wasn't biting.

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