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How to spell CLAT correctly?

If you've misspelled "clat" and are struggling to come up with the correct word, consider these possible suggestions: "clad" - meaning dressed or covered; "cast" - indicating the act of throwing something; "chat" - referring to a conversation; or "clay" - a type of malleable earth. Double-check the context to choose the appropriate word.

List of suggestions on how to spell clat correctly

  • ALAT ALAT is an acronym that stands for Automated Liquid Handling System.
  • éclat
  • blat The politician's blatant lies were blatant to everyone.
  • cat I saw a black cat sneaking around the backyard last night.
  • CAT She decided to adopt a black cat from the animal shelter.
  • chat I always look forward to catching up with my friends and having a chat.
  • CLA CLA is an abbreviation for "Conjugated Linoleic Acid", a type of fatty acid.
  • clad The warrior was clad in shining armor as he prepared for battle.
  • CLAH
  • clam I enjoy eating steamed clams with a side of melted butter.
  • clan The young boy was proud to be a part of his family's ancient and noble clan.
  • clap She gave a loud clap of applause to show her appreciation.
  • CLAS I need to enroll in the CLAS program to complete my general education requirements.
  • claw The cat extended its sharp claw to scratch at the furniture.
  • clay He molded the lump of clay into a beautiful sculpture.
  • Clay He molded the clay into a vase shape.
  • cleat The soccer player tightly tied his shoelaces and fastened each cleat to the bottom of his shoes before heading out onto the field.
  • clit
  • clot If you have a deep wound that does not stop bleeding, it is important to apply pressure to encourage the blood to clot.
  • CLT I am studying the principles of Continuous Lean Thinking (CLT) to improve efficiency in our manufacturing processes.
  • coat I need to remember to bring my coat because it's going to be cold outside.
  • CSAT The CSAT scores revealed that customer satisfaction has increased by 10% compared to last year.
  • eclat The singer's performance was met with great eclat, earning her a standing ovation from the audience.
  • flat The tire on my car went flat after hitting a pothole.
  • Lat
  • LAT
  • lat She decided to stay up late to finish her project.
  • plat The chef carefully arranged the food on the plat, ensuring it looked both appetizing and visually appealing.
  • slat The blinds were made of wooden slats that could be adjusted for the perfect amount of sunlight in the room.

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