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How to spell CLEAING correctly?

If you mistakenly type "cleaing" instead of "cleaning", don't worry! Here are a few accurate suggestions to correct the misspelling: "cleaning", "clearing", "cleaving" or "cleansing". Proofreading is essential, but we all make errors now and then; just choose the right word and keep those typos at bay!

List of suggestions on how to spell cleaing correctly

  • clang The noisy clang of the pots and pans in the kitchen woke me up early.
  • Clawing The cat was clawing at the door to go outside.
  • clean
  • cleaning I spent the entire morning cleaning the house.
  • cleans My mom cleans the house every Saturday.
  • clearing After the storm, the crews were sent to begin the clearing of the fallen trees and debris from the roadways.
  • cleaving
  • clerking He started clerking at the small law firm to gain experience before applying to law school.
  • Clewing
  • cling I cling to my mother's hand as we walk through the airport.
  • Cloaking The cloak of invisibility is a common trope in science fiction, but the concept of cloaking is being explored in real-world applications such as military aircrafts, where cloaking technology could render a plane
  • gleaming The sun was gleaming off the newly polished floors.
  • Gleaning Gleaning information from various sources helped me to write a comprehensive report.
  • leaking The roof of the house is leaking and needs to be fixed.

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