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How to spell CLEAK correctly?

If you, too, find yourself wondering what the correct spelling of "cleak" is, fear not! The word you're looking for is "sleek". Often used to describe something smooth and stylish, sleek could be the perfect alternative to the misspelled term.

List of suggestions on how to spell cleak correctly

  • bleak The outlook for their financial situation looked bleak.
  • clack
  • clank I heard a loud clank when the metal object hit the ground.
  • clark Clark Kent is the secret identity of Superman.
  • claw
  • clay I am sculpting a beautiful vase out of clay.
  • clean
  • clear The water in the lake is so clear, you can see the fish swimming.
  • cleat The soccer cleat was essential for gripping the turf and making quick turns on the field.
  • Cleo
  • clerk I need to speak to a clerk about my bill.
  • clerks The clerks were responsible for filing paperwork and answering phone calls.
  • clew The detective decided to follow the clew to solve the mystery.
  • click She heard a click and realized the door was open.
  • cloak The thief quietly put on his cloak to avoid being seen as he made his getaway.
  • cloaks The wizards wore dark cloaks, concealing their identities from the commoners.
  • clock The clock struck midnight as she blew out the candles on her birthday cake.
  • cluck The chicken let out a loud cluck when it saw the farmer approaching.
  • creak The old wooden door began to creak as she slowly opened it.
  • leak The faucet in the bathroom sink has a small leak.
  • leaky I need to fix my leaky faucet before it causes any water damage.
  • leek I added chopped leek to the soup for extra flavor.

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