Correct spelling for CLEARAFY

We think the word clearafy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for clearafy

  • Carafe(Definition of carafe)
  • The waiter starts at the last word and takes up a clay carafe.

  • Clarify(Definition of clarify)
  • It will help me clarify my own impressions.

  • Clarity(Definition of clarity)
  • In the sharp clarity of sunrise she saw that mrs. haxton's beautiful face was drawn and haggard.

  • Clearing(Definition of clearing)
  • John and jesse were busy clearing a place for the tent.

  • Glorify(Definition of glorify)
  • "'man, in his presumption,' said the royal poet, 'dares to glorify himself in his knowledge, and judge the eternal.

  • Calvary(Definition of calvary)
  • It was but the beginning of their woes, the first step in that long road to calvary, where they were to be crucified with him, to be crucified wellnigh to the death before their final and almost miraculous resurrection.

  • Clearer(Definition of Clearer)
  • But talking aloud helped to make things clearer, so he only commented, "and where does that leave us?"

  • Cleave(Definition of cleave)
  • Just as a man shall "leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife," so the man who is generally styled the german-american decides in favor of his new home-land, when a conflict arises between america and germany.

  • Cleared(Definition of cleared)
  • Snyder had silently cleared away breakfast, and seated herself with a book by the window.

  • Clara
  • She says she'll give clara five shillin' a week, as well as board an' lodge her.

  • Clare
  • Thus, though far less richly endowed with the divine gift of beauty, he had seen st. clare absorbed in prayer.

194 words made from the letters clearafy

3 letter words made from clearafy:

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4 letter words made from clearafy:

elya, arey, calf, lyra, aery, fley, fare, lace, ayre, year, facy, acer, acyl, afar, lecy, lear, frey, fler, frce, flay, faya, aaye, racy, ryle, real, fary, ryfe, cafe, aare, race, care, ealy, yale, rayl, caya, area, aryl, clef, frea, fale, reay, layr, clay, ryce, arca, eyra, faal, laya, fray, laye, cley, raef, lafe, arcy, fyra, acre, lacy, alay, lery, rely, crye, fear, fyre, eral, alca, ayar, leaf, lyce, alar, erya, frye, ayer, lyfe, flea, rale, earl, cefr, lyre, fery, face.

5 letter words made from clearafy:

craal, areal, calef, leary, afear, fayre, faler, fleay, cafer, yecla, facey, acflr, acrey, alary, lafer, lafca, ferla, fayer, fecal, farle, farce, acela, lyrae, yacef, rayle, faley, relay, calaf, aaref, leray, caray, clear, yarfa, ralfe, carya, arcel, areca, claar, feral, faery, reaal, frlec, ceral, refly, arale, elara, facal, frale, fealy, freya, clary, racey, frace, arcae, flare, acral, flyer, alery, layar, realy, claye, farel, flary, creal, alyea, arlfc, lacer, layer, alcea, early, flaca, ayler, leafy, fayal, rafle, clery, cayer, lefay, farey, facer.