Correct spelling for CLEARDE

We think the word clearde is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for clearde

  • Lade(Definition of lade)
  • Clawed
  • He clawed in vain for the ground which he could no longer reach because the man did not let go of him.

  • Glad(Definition of glad)
  • I should be glad But I love you only So that's why I'm sad

    – Watching The Hours Go By by bee gees
  • Calder
  • There are acts, says mr. justice chase, in calder v.

  • Cleaned(Definition of cleaned)
  • A man ought to go to church to them at least once a year, to keep his soul cleaned out and growing properly."

  • Cloaked
  • A hundred yards ahead was a jungle-cloaked forest, its towering trees close-knit to the point of impenetrability.

  • Larder(Definition of larder)
  • Erectings
  • Card(Definition of card)
  • If you choose to deny it, i'll send my card inside to mrs. duncan, and we'll see, then, what we shall see.

  • Carded(Definition of Carded)
  • It was on a monday that susan and i hackled fifty pounds of flax, and tired we were when the day was come to an end. on tuesday we carded tow, and on wednesday each spun a skein of linen thread.

  • Gilead
  • Collard(Definition of collard)
  • Clad(Definition of clad)
  • Of course he was very warmly clad, but he had a pretty beastly night in front of him, as it was freezing at the time.

  • Clearly(Definition of clearly)
  • Talking was clearly of no use; she must do something.

  • Carder(Definition of Carder)
  • Bombus hedini bombus honshuensis bombus humilis - brown-banded carder bee bombus imitator bombus impetuosus bombus inexspectatus bombus laesus bombus mesomelas bombus mlokosievitzii bombus mucidus bombus muscorum - large carder bee or moss carder bee bombus opulentus bombus pascuorum - common carder bee bombus persicus bombus pomorum - apple humble-bee bombus pseudobaicalensis bombus remotus bombus ruderarius - red-shanked carder bee or red-shanked bumble bee bombus schrencki bombus sonorus - sonoran bumble bee bombus sylvarum bombus tricornis bombus velox bombus veteranus bombus zonatus

  • Claire
  • Claire cut him off.

  • Clyde
  • At first after she was married mary had been fond of pressing them to come to the clyde, if it was only for a look at her.

  • Leaked
  • Clear(Definition of clear)
  • Send the men with me that we may clear it.

  • Geared(Definition of geared)
  • Cleaved(Definition of cleaved)
  • Lament not fortune's want of constancy, but up! and seize her favours ere they flee; if fortune always cleaved to other men, how could a turn of luck have come to thee?

  • Cleared(Definition of cleared)
  • "well, i only wish i could be cleared of suspicion in that harrington matter," said mr. bailey one day, a month or so later, when he had so far recovered that he was thinking of going back to the pony express route.

  • Claret(Definition of claret)
  • Ale,-occasionally claret, - graced my luncheon then:- and now i drink porter in a garret, to be paid for heaven knows how.

  • Clewed
  • At a word the sailors were seen swarming aloft; studding-sails came in as if by magic, royals and top-gallant sails were handed, topsails clewed up, and with her taunt tapering masts and square yards alone, surrounded by the intricate tracery of their rigging, the beautiful fabric glided up to an anchorage off the town of lerwick.

  • Gleaned
  • Leader(Definition of leader)
  • Lead(Definition of lead)
  • Clarke
  • A young soldier named clarke volunteered to come and i brought him along with me.

  • Lardy
  • Glade(Definition of glade)
  • Coaled
  • Cleat(Definition of cleat)
  • In the fall of 2012 chaparral football team took back the cleat in a 52-14 victory.

  • Clerked
  • Justice baker clerked for the hon.

  • Lard(Definition of lard)
  • Clears
  • Julius clears his throat, and laboriously rolls the damp handkerchief-ball into a sausage-"i wish to convince miss mildare that my respect and my-esteem for her have-not diminished."

  • Glared
  • Gruntwork
  • Clearer(Definition of Clearer)
  • You find us sumwhat mixed, as i before obsarved, but come again next year and you'll find us clearer nor ever.

  • Claude
  • Who should he be but the pride of the village, claude melnotte?

  • Cleave(Definition of cleave)
  • Cleave to him, and depart not, that you may prove yourself wise at the last.

  • Clare
  • In a note written some ten years later, clare regrets that "ned drury has got my early vol.

  • Cared
  • What cared she for tradesman batt!

  • Gleamed
  • Collared(Definition of Collared)

153 words made from the letters clearde

3 letter words made from clearde:

dec, aec, lac, eld, eec, lee, red, cer, era, dre, car, led, lad, ale, ear, cad, are, dle, eel, ler, ade, lea, rad, ace, lcd, arc, dal.

4 letter words made from clearde:

5 letter words made from clearde:

creal, creel, caere, erdal, adree, celer, lacer, arled, edcel, leder, dacer, acree, drace, cedre, ledra, lader, daler, ercel, dacre, crede, ardee, laced, laedc, eader, cedar, arcee, cadle, alred, leear, eared, clade, reale, radle, areel, darle, edler, decal, elder, eldar, arede, creed, edale, cadre, ceder, daele, caled, ceral, alere, leard, cerae, alder, arced, leare, arcel, reald, clere, redec, clear.

6 letter words made from clearde:

claree, alerce, aelred, dealer, relace, celera, redeal, laered, credal, leader, calder, cleare, decare, clader, leared, cradle, lecrae, cardle, credle, reclad, cereal.

7 letter words made from clearde:

cleared, relaced, creedal, declare, recalde, cedrela.