Correct spelling for CLEARIFY

We think the word clearify is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for clearify

  • Clearer(Definition of Clearer)
  • The president gently gave a clearer turn to the phrase she used.

  • Cleared(Definition of cleared)
  • When gray had explained the meaning of the word, mr. briskow's face cleared.

  • Clarify(Definition of clarify)
  • I grasped that the case was beginning to clarify itself in his mind.

  • Clearing(Definition of clearing)
  • I was not looking out for anything of the kind, and but for the clearing made for the milpa, i could not have seen it at all.

  • Classify(Definition of classify)
  • It would be effort wasted to spend much time in proof of this assertion of david's, so we will attempt to classify briefly, that each of us may know where he belongs.

  • Glorify(Definition of glorify)
  • You glorify the crowd practical.

  • Clarion(Definition of clarion)
  • He leaned against a tree, and sent his voice like a clarion before him: "teresa!"

  • Clarice
  • Just for that yuh don't have to call me clarice.

  • Clarity(Definition of clarity)
  • Anchored and handicapped by a wife and child and a reputation none too immaculate, he saw his position with clarity, and he wrote:- my own darling:- there is no little mowgy any more.

  • Cleric(Definition of cleric)
  • There was a sheepish gentleman with a twitching face, and a shaven cleric in close attendance; the former a rich brand plucked from burning by the latter, whose temporal reward was the present trip, so quinby assured me during the time it took them to pass before our eyes through the now emptying hall.

286 words made from the letters clearify

3 letter words made from clearify:

ecf, fly, car, ifc, ace, fri, rya, afl, elf, air, era, cry, fir, rye, cli, fey, ler, ice, ale, ira, ref, cia, far, lay, lye, raf, ire, lei, lac, lir, ear, aec, ray, icy, yea, cer, ali, ayr, lie, are, ail, arc, fry, cay, ley, lea.

4 letter words made from clearify:

fery, elya, fray, lyra, frea, laic, liar, fair, raie, yair, lear, fali, elfi, flay, fare, ryce, aril, yeri, laye, rile, flea, cafe, lacy, riel, leaf, crye, lari, fiel, ayer, lace, reay, rayl, frey, frye, liye, fria, irey, rely, acyl, cefr, life, fear, arcy, ayre, cley, race, file, iyer, eral, aery, lira, eyra, ryfe, acer, fale, raef, lyre, aryl, feil, care, earl, cali, iyar, icey, lyce, airy, arey, aiye, ical, elia, rail, rale, layr, year, frie, clay, lery, fail, rife, lyfe, clef, fary, lief, ilfc, acre, rial, real, fler, ealy, fyra, laie, riya, rice, lair, lafe, erya, fyre, eira, face, fari, iler, frce, lecy, fley, yale, fire, fica, facy, frei, ricy, calf, aire, yali, racy, ryle.

5 letter words made from clearify:

ceral, faile, clery, leary, arify, claye, reial, freya, ricey, early, filar, friel, frail, lacer, cafer, lifer, leira, relay, relic, fayre, lefay, firle, cifal, flier, realy, fairy, fealy, facer, feira, farci, elric, flare, cilea, feria, acflr, facey, eriya, fecal, rayle, lafer, caire, faley, farey, faire, ficar, creal, cayer, lacri, frace, faery, flair, frlec, arief, clary, reila, yalie, feral, lycia, calef, flary, rafle, feiry, afire, aiyer, lirae, erica, reify, alier, filer, refai, alief, facie, farel, yecla, firey, yafei, ailey, fleay, lairy, lifar, alery, arcel, acrey, ralfe, riely, riley, fiery, reily, farce, lyric, cifra, acier, clear, alire, frale, rafic, flyer, ferla, flrie, faler, aiery, riyal, ayler, layer, refly, recai, leafy, farle, caril, reali, fayer, licra, leray, lyrae, filey, airey, yacef, liera, creil, racey, arlfc, clier, rifle, freia, crile.