Correct spelling for CLEARIG

We think the word clearig is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for clearig

  • Cleavage(Definition of cleavage)
  • The lines of cleavage are parallel to the sides of the prism, and the crystals have an adamantine, or diamond lustre, varying from the completely opaque to the transparent.

  • Clerk(Definition of clerk)
  • At the top they found themselves in a square room, where the clerk evidently pulled the bell on sundays, for the rope was hanging within easy reach.

  • Clarity(Definition of clarity)
  • At the moment of the ladies' entering, mr. albert morgan was in charge of the jury, and the twelve gentlemen were in course of hearkening to evidence which suggested with painful clarity that the prisoner's sins of commission included that of felony.

  • Clarion(Definition of clarion)
  • What good is publicity to us among the couple of thousand hidebound socialists who buy the clarion?"

  • Clara
  • What is the importance of the name of the place, clara, compared to your own?

  • Clearer(Definition of Clearer)
  • And it is this catholicity, this open mind, this eager search for truth, that have enabled him to emerge from the mysticism that once enwrapped him to the clearer daylight of actual existence; it is this faculty of admiring all that is admirable in man and in life that some day, perhaps, may take him very far.

  • Cleared(Definition of cleared)
  • He cleared his throat gently, and the shy, set smile reappeared as if by magic.

  • Biddle
  • Biddle, general, at the embassy dinner to secretary baker, ii 365, 370

  • Gehrig(Definition of gehrig)
  • Clark(Definition of clark)
  • I think he'd got to the front in the party now, next to lewis and clark.

  • Clarify(Definition of clarify)
  • Boil two quarts of water with a pound and a half of loaf sugar nearly an hour, clarify,it with the white of an egg, strain it, and boil it till reduced nearly one half.

  • Clearing(Definition of clearing)
  • He paused just long enough to give one swift glance around the little clearing, and then set out along the path at his old swinging pace.

  • Craig
  • Clang(Definition of clang)
  • There was a pause, and the clang repeated-another pause-a third reverberating, humming metal notice of an interruption, and the doors swung wide.

  • Clarice
  • When i surveyed the wild and difficult region which we had to pass, i regretted that clarice had accompanied us, and wished that she had remained with the indians.

  • Cleric(Definition of cleric)
  • That very noble cleric, the bishop don jerome, when a surfeit of the fighting he had had of his hands twain, was at a loss to number the moors that he had slain.

  • Clare
  • Angel clare was far from all that she thought him in this respect; absurdly far, indeed; but he was, in truth, more spiritual than animal; he had himself well in hand, and was singularly free from grossness.

  • Claret(Definition of claret)
  • This town is the headquarters of the merchants who deal in burgundy wines, as bordeaux is that of the claret merchants.

  • Claire
  • Then, seeing that claire was about to speak: "let me finish; now you shall have your proof."

  • Clergy(Definition of clergy)
  • Not only the clergy, but the nobles and people were lawless.

  • Coleridge(Definition of coleridge)
  • He built indeed upon coleridge, but he had a larger horizon.

  • Glaring(Definition of glaring)
  • Collaring
  • Clerics
  • It must be remembered that at this time all the teachers in universities, even those in the medical schools as well as those occupied with surgery, were clerics.

  • Caloric(Definition of caloric)
  • Evaporation may be defined to be the conversion of liquid and solid bodies into elastic fluids, by the influence of caloric.

  • Clarke
  • 56. clarke, adam, death, iv.

  • Balearic(Definition of Balearic)
  • The preludes were published in 1839, yet there is internal evidence which proves that most of them had been composed before the trip to the balearic islands.

  • Alaric
  • You didn't escape after all, alaric.

167 words made from the letters clearig

3 letter words made from clearig:

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4 letter words made from clearig:

5 letter words made from clearig:

crile, argle, ciega, geral, licra, rigel, giler, legia, recai, caril, alger, ergil, galer, leira, clear, cilea, riage, graci, grace, erica, giral, agler, acier, creag, garel, regal, greci, elric, glera, ragel, reali, lager, icglr, elarg, galie, elgar, aegir, lacri, grail, regla, glace, ilgar, ragle, aigle, lirae, creal, cagle, iarge, ceral, caire, cigar, argel, agile, reila, liera, cilag, reial, grael, lacer, creil, arcel, riegl, liger, alier, ciger, garci, clier, garce, cager, alire, glare, relic, algic, large, grlic, argei, elrig.