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How to spell CLEENING correctly?

The correct spelling for "cleening" is "cleaning". To avoid misspelling in the future, it is recommended to use spell check tools or proofread your writing before submission. Other correct suggestions include using context clues or referring to a dictionary to verify the spelling of words.

List of suggestions on how to spell cleening correctly

  • aliening Her constant criticism and nitpicking are aliening her coworkers.
  • Careening The ship was careening wildly in the stormy sea, making it difficult for the crew to maintain control.
  • cleaning I have scheduled a cleaning appointment for next Monday.
  • cleanings I have scheduled regular cleanings with the dentist to maintain good oral health.
  • cleansing I enjoy using a gentle cleansing oil to remove my makeup at the end of the day.
  • clearing The forest was full of fallen branches and debris, so they spent the morning clearing a path for hikers.
  • cleaving A cat walked across the room, its sharp claws extending and cleaving the air.
  • clerking After graduation, he started clerking at a law firm to gain experience.
  • Clewing Clewing is the process of sewing fabric using a sewing machine.
  • cloning
  • clowning At the party, the children were entertained by the clown's silly clowning activities.
  • Cozening She tried to deceive him through cozening techniques, but he was not fooled.
  • Gleaning After the harvest, the volunteers went to the fields to begin their gleaning, gathering up the remaining crops that had been missed during the initial harvest.
  • greening Due to the new greening program, the park is now a more vibrant and greener place.
  • keening The keening of the wind grew louder as the storm approached.
  • leaning The tower is leaning to one side.
  • Queening

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