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How to spell CLEERED correctly?

If you accidentally spelled "cleered" instead of "cleared", here are a couple of possible suggestions to correct it. First, try "cleared", which is the correct spelling for removing obstructions or misunderstandings. Another option is "cleaved", which means to split or separate.

List of suggestions on how to spell cleered correctly

  • Capered The children capered around the room, excited to be playing together again.
  • Careered She careered down the hill on her rollerblades, feeling the wind rush past her face.
  • Catered The hotel catered to all of our dietary restrictions and provided us with a delicious meal.
  • Cheered
  • cleaned Yesterday, I cleaned my room and threw away old clothes that I never wear anymore.
  • cleared I cleared my schedule for the day so I could attend the important meeting.
  • Clearer The new glasses I received today make the world around me look much clearer.
  • cleaved The lumberjack cleaved the log in two with a single swing of his axe.
  • clerked She clerked for a law firm before pursuing a career in journalism.
  • clewed
  • Cohered The colorful birds cohered together in a circle.
  • covered
  • Cowered The small child cowered behind his mother's legs when he saw the thunderstorm outside.
  • Jeered The audience jeered at the comedian.
  • Leered The creepy man leered at the woman walking by.
  • queered She was so queered up she couldn't tell the difference.

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