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How to spell CLENING correctly?

The misspelling "clening" can be corrected to "cleaning". Other possible correct suggestions include "cleansing" or "sanitizing". Spell-check software can easily detect and correct this mistake, while proofreading before publishing is also recommended. A simple check of spelling and grammar can improve the overall quality of any writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell clening correctly

  • aliening Her constant criticism and insults had the effect of aliening all her coworkers, making it difficult for her to maintain any kind of positive working relationships.
  • caning The police officer whipped him with a caning cane.
  • Canning I am canning vegetables from my garden for the winter.
  • clanging The bell was ringing loudly, clanging in the otherwise calm room.
  • clanking I heard a strange clanking noise coming from upstairs.
  • cleaning I need to schedule a cleaning for my carpets.
  • cleanings I need to schedule my teeth cleanings for the year.
  • cleansing I practice daily cleansing rituals to keep my skin healthy and glowing.
  • clearing The hikers searched for a clearing in the dense forest to set up their tents.
  • cleaving The wave was cleaving the calm surface of the ocean.
  • clenching She was clenching her stomach as she fought to keep from puking.
  • clerking My brother is currently clerking at a law firm in Washington D.C.
  • Clewing This necklace is a great addition to any Clewing fan's wardrobe.
  • cling The child began to cling to his mother's leg when he saw the big dog.
  • Clinging
  • clinking The sound of glasses clinking together filled the room as everyone raised a toast.
  • cloning After the cloning procedure was complete, the scientists were able to create the exact replica of the original tissue.
  • clowning She was clowning around when she knocked over a vase.
  • clunking I heard a loud clunking noise coming from under the car.
  • Coining The inventor is coining a new term to describe his innovative product.
  • coning The coning of the projectile caused it to nose sharply upwards.
  • Conning The man was arrested for conning several individuals out of their life savings.
  • Corning Corning is known for its high-quality glass technology.
  • Cozening She tried to cozening him into letting her skip, but he wasn't having any of it.
  • cunning With her cunning, she was able to outwit the other animals.
  • Gleaning The farmers were gleaning the fields after the harvest.
  • keening The body was found with multiple keening injuries.
  • leaning
  • lenin
  • lining

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