Correct spelling for CLESHAY

We think the word cleshay is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for cleshay

  • cash Is he paying cash?
  • clash We won't clash there-the rock we may split on is the labour question."
  • classy The coach gasped at the scintillating play, and White called out: Classy stuff, kid, classy stuff.
  • clay Tears of shame fell from her closed eyelids, but she felt surprise as she felt Habrunt's strong hand placed gently upon her shoulder, and with his other hand, he held up the clay cup.
  • clean Be ready, but let her fight her fight and come to you, if that is the end-with clean soul!"
  • clear Sit with your back to them; keep your mind clear and listen to me, Henry.
  • clearly She could not see his face quite clearly.
  • clearway In Australia, a clearway is a special road upon which only taxis and buses may stop at the kerb on certain times of the day.
  • cleat For window coverings that use continuous-loop cord systems, like vertical blinds, a wall cord cleat can be used to anchor the cord tightly to the wall and prevent children from having access to the dangling cord loop.
  • clench If he deprives them of their might, then he has really made them out in the wrong, deprived them of their right; in any other case he can do nothing but clench his little fist in his pocket, or fall a victim as an obtrusive fool.
  • clergy In consequence, the clergy were entirely absorbed in their holy office and lived only for and by their temples.
  • clew Was the clew to the mysterious disappearance of the writing to be found here?
  • cliche Armchair revolutionary is a two-word cliche which, along with the similar terms armchair activist and armchair socialist, is a description of a speaker or writer who professes radical aims without taking any action to realize them ("from the comfort of the armchair").
  • cloche So the matter stands; one of two hypotheses must be correct-the Naples man was de la Cloche or he was not-yet either hypothesis is almost impossible.
  • cosh This continuation of the Historie of King James the Sext follows the English letters by describing Ashfield as favoured by James VI;Sir William Bowes, ambassador for hir majestie, used a slight (deceitful) stratageme by exposing sum of his craftie gentilmen to beare cumpanie with an Inglish gentilman of account whom the king favorit for certen secret occasionis betuix them, and heistit the man a cosh (on a coach), maid haistie depesh (despatch) of him towart Ingland, for the whilk his majestie was exceiding angrie; and therfore causit the lodging of the said ambassador to be ombeset at all partis (surrounded) least he sould escape.
  • cushy
  • flashy
  • flesh
  • fleshy
  • geisha
  • lash
  • leash
  • lush
  • plushy
  • slushy
  • welsh
  • Clashed King Escariano came face to face with the King of Fez, and their horses clashed so mightily that they broke their lances.
  • Lech
  • clews Appearances are often deceitful, yielding obvious clews only to mistakes and falsehoods.
  • Elisha
  • Cleo Cleo Odzer received her PhD in anthropology with a thesis about prostitution in Thailand; her experiences during her three years of field research resulted in the 1994 book Patpong Sisters: An American Womans View of the Bangkok Sex World (ISBN 1-55970-281-8).
  • Keisha
  • Alisha Bounce Back is the third and final album from American freestyle and dance-pop singer Alisha.
  • clashes The stage was set for a world-catastrophe, for in all the world were hard times, labor troubles, perishing middle classes, armies of unemployed, clashes of economic interests in the world-market, and mutterings and rumblings of the socialist revolution.
  • clues Paul and I can watch and hunt around here and follow up what poor little clues we've got.

182 words made from the letters cleshay

3 letter words made from cleshay:

lac, aec, sec, ash, lah, ace, asl, yea, shy, als, cay, ale, hel, lea, sha, hay, sac, sea, lye, yes, say, sly, lay, ley, sle.

4 letter words made from cleshay:

sych, acyl, easy, haly, aleh, cley, hyas, hays, ashe, achy, lace, slah, seha, chye, slay, lesh, laye, hyle, sacy, ache, chey, shay, hela, ahly, hysa, hely, eash, lecy, heys, case, ealy, cahl, yahl, elya, hale, salh, hyla, yeah, seal, yeas, clay, cash, sale, heyl, lyce, slye, heya, eyas, cays, leys, seya, seay, yesh, chay, yech, cseh, leyh, each, heal, lacy, hael, esla, ashy, lays, yale, asch, lash, yach.

5 letter words made from cleshay:

elash, aysel, alchy, selya, hayes, chale, chesa, hasel, laces, chyle, hayel, ayles, yeach, leach, haley, cayes, cleah, yecla, elsah, sayel, seach, chaly, halys, sealy, hasle, yales, hyles, chays, schey, sayle, ahles, yeahs, shale, saleh, ashey, asleh, chael, clash, sahle, scale, ayesh, leash, claye, chela, yahel, aesch, lehya, schea, hylas, acyls, lachy, alces, chase, lahey, yesha, lyase, lesch, yechs, heals, scaly, clays, achey, hecla, lasch, shlay, clase, sayce, schal, hales.

6 letter words made from cleshay:

shaley, clashy, lachey, schale, schaye, chayes, claeys, haysel, lasche, leachs, cashel, hayles, chasey, chelas, sealch, chelys, lyches, hasely, hyleas, scaley.

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