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How to spell CLINCE correctly?

If you're trying to correct the misspelling "clince", some possible suggestions would be "clinic", "climate", "client", "clinch" or "silence". Make sure to double-check the context to determine which word fits best.

List of suggestions on how to spell clince correctly

  • Clancy I don't have any personal knowledge of Clancy.
  • clench She had to clench her fists to resist the urge to yell at him.
  • clinch The football team needs to score a touchdown to clinch the victory.
  • clincher The final shot of the game was the clincher, securing our victory.
  • clinches Our plan to Clinches the victory was a success
  • cline She slid down the smooth, ice-covered cline.
  • cling The baby would cling to his mother's neck whenever he was scared.
  • clings The dress clings to her body like a second skin.
  • Clingy The clingy toddler would not let go of his mother's leg even for a moment.
  • clinic I have an appointment at the clinic next week for my annual check-up.
  • clinics During the pandemic, many people avoided going to their regular clinics and opted for virtual consultations instead.
  • clink She heard a clink and then a scream.
  • clinker The clinker from the fireplace littered the floor.
  • Clint I saw a movie with Clint Eastwood last night.
  • clone I need to clone my HDD before I go on vacation.
  • glance She gave a quick glance out the window before returning to her book.
  • kline
  • lance He used his lance to kill the dragon.
  • quince The quince is a fruit that is typically found in parts of Europe.

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