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How to spell CLINI correctly?

The misspelling "clini" can be corrected to "clinic", "clinical" or "clinician". These words all relate to healthcare and medical services. Checking for misspellings and using autocorrect tools can help prevent errors in professional and academic communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell clini correctly

  • blini I ordered a plate of blini with caviar at the Russian restaurant.
  • cain Cain, the biblical figure, was known for killing his brother Abel.
  • cellini Benvenuto Cellini was an Italian sculptor, goldsmith, and author.
  • clan My family belongs to the MacGregor clan.
  • client The client was very pleased with the results of the project.
  • clinch The fighter managed to clinch his opponent, preventing him from throwing any more punches.
  • cline
  • cling The baby will often cling to its mother when it feels frightened.
  • clings The wet clothes clings to her body.
  • Clingy Clingy people are annoying.
  • clinic I have an appointment at the clinic this afternoon to get my flu shot.
  • clink The glasses made a pleasant clink as they toasted to their success.
  • Clint I feel sorry for Clint Eastwood.
  • clio
  • clone The biologist created a clone of the rare plant species in order to preserve it.
  • coin You can't buy a ticket with a coin.
  • Colin
  • kline
  • lin
  • Lina Lina was feeling exhausted from her long day.
  • line The grocery store had a long line.
  • ling The child was having difficulty with the ling sound in his speech.
  • lino My sister has a favorite flower, a lino.

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