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How to spell CLIQES correctly?

If you meant to type "cliqes" but got the spelling wrong, here are some correct alternatives: "cliques" or "clicks". "Cliques" refers to exclusive groups, while "clicks" refers to distinct sounds or the action of forming a connection.

List of suggestions on how to spell cliqes correctly

  • claques The car was covered in Claques.
  • cliches Do you love cliches as much as I do?
  • clicks The teacher asked her students to hand in their homework when the timer clicks.
  • cliffs I was so excited to see the cliffs from the car.
  • clings
  • Clips
  • clique The group of popular kids formed a clique that excluded anyone who wasn't "cool" enough to join.
  • cliques I refuse to be a part of the cliques at school.
  • cliquey She's quite the cliquey girl.
  • Clones She was particularly interested in clones.
  • closes The store closes at 9pm.
  • cloves I added some cloves to the apple cider for a warm and flavorful drink.
  • clues There were clues all around the room.
  • glides The bird glides effortlessly through the air, its wings spread wide.
  • likes My cousin likes to eat ice cream with chocolate sauce on top.

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