Correct spelling for CLITHES

We think the word clithes is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for clithes

  • clothe The educated ones know that the government will feed and clothe them-why should they exert themselves?
  • clothed Perhaps, therefore, it may be a universal law that souls rise out of the material body into a higher state, clothed in another body, substantial and real, but not material.
  • clothes And him a-loikin' nice clothes as well as any one, only he can't get 'em because it's poor we are, ma'am.
  • clutches But thanks to Mrs. Bal MacDonald, they'd got you in their clutches, those two.
  • Cloths They bore six doti of cloths, viz.
  • clashes In the second crusade Eleanor, then Queen of France, afterward Queen of England, alternated between clashes and amours with emirs.
  • cliches Though the band did not alter the way in which they approached the songwriting for Abacab, Banks said a conscious effort was made by the group to avoid "Genesis cliches" such as using a tambourine for a chorus and lengthy instrumental passages, and keep melodies as simple as possible, which signalled further changes in their direction.
  • lathes
  • cloches Matthew, late owner of Buddesby, had taken up French gardening on a large scale, and had squandered a great part of his capital on glass cloches, fragments of which were likely to litter Buddesby for many a year to come.
  • slithers
  • cliques Chippewa had forgotten sets, sections, cliques, factions, and parties, and formed a community.
  • glitches Officials with Montreal, Quebec-based Public Bike System Company (also known as Bixi) said they were $46 million in debt, partly because the operators of Citi Bike and Chicagos Divvy bikeshare had withheld a combined $5 million in payments because of software glitches in the docking stations.
  • clothiers These people by their great industry and skill do spend a great part of the coarse wools growing in the kingdom, and that at as high a price or higher than the clothiers do the finest wools of this country, as appeareth by a particular hereunto annexed....
  • in-sanity

172 words made from the letters clithes

5 letter words made from clithes:

hilts, estil, tiles, seith, ciste, istel, liest, clies, heist, selic, thiel, eltis, lesch, iches, cleis, lieth, chest, slice, cseti, slite, helst, teich, ceils, elich, cheil, leich, sicht, stile, celis, isthe, tclsh, sitel, islet, tesch, chiel, eisch, etlis, hisle, lisch, theil, liste, lechi, clise, celts, thies, leist, ethic, sethi, stech, chits, sitch, stiel, heils, chile, cites, stihl, liths, leish, etich, shite, lices, hisel, hiles, lithe, teils, icest, steil, thile, eilts, elchi, cheli, tices, clits, tisch, echis, stice, licht, tilse, theic, schie, licet, sieth, theis.

4 letter words made from clithes:

isle, eiht, hits, leti, ithe, iteh, leit, sect, teli, hilt, hice, icsh, tech, cseh, sihl, lest, lite, liet, eich, seli, tcsh, clit, thse, lieh, heil, list, thie, elhi, tile, htel, seht, chit, stih, itch, ties, ilet, celt, seth, tihl, lesh, slit, scet, leht, shit, tihs, ihle, etch, echt, icse, site, cite, lets, silt, sieh, tehl, ices, chie, lies, tiel, siel, helt.

3 letter words made from clithes:

ice, let, etc, est, thc, sit, het, tsh, lit, hel, ect, hie, tec, cli, tic, lei, sic, cst, sle, ies, lie, sec, sth, tlc, cis, tie, set, chi.

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