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How to spell CLOGES correctly?

For the misspelling "cloges", the correct suggestions could be "clothes" or "clogs". "Clothes" refers to garments or attire, while "clogs" are a type of shoe. Verifying the intended context will help determine which suggestion is suitable for correcting this misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell cloges correctly

  • Blogs Many people use blogs as a way to express their thoughts and ideas to a wide audience.
  • blokes The blokes at the pub were celebrating their team's victory.
  • cadges
  • cages Cages are used to keep animals within a certain area.
  • cloaks In Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory's death was linked to the evil Lord Voldemort's use of dark cloaks to
  • cloches I heard bells ringing from the church cloches.
  • clocks The clocks in my house all show different times, so I never know what time it really is.
  • clods The clods of dirt stuck to his boots as he trudged through the muddy field.
  • clog
  • clogged The drain in the bathtub was clogged with hair and soap.
  • clogs Janine wears clogs every day to work because they are both stylish and comfortable.
  • Clones After the clones were created, they were sent away to different parts of the galaxy.
  • clonks The woman's clonks were very loud and jarring.
  • clops The clops must have been startled by the noise, because it quickly bounded away.
  • close When my dog hears me approaching the house, he runs to the door and waits for me to come close.
  • closer If we work together, we can come closer to achieving our goals.
  • closes She always closes the blinds before going to bed.
  • clothes
  • Cloths I need to do laundry and wash my cloths.
  • clots She had a few clots, but she's doing well now.
  • clouds The clouds in the sky look like fluffy cotton candy.
  • CLOVERS The fields were dotted with clovers of different colors.
  • cloves She loved cloves on her toast.
  • clovis Clovis is a city in New Mexico known for its historic sites and rich cultural heritage.
  • clowns The circus was full of entertaining clowns.
  • clues The clues led police to the suspect's house.
  • COGS COGS stands for "conservation of global resources.
  • Cokes I prefer Cokes over other carbonated beverages.
  • colognes He had an extensive collection of high-end colognes.
  • eclogues Oh what can eclogues do That more grave poets cannot?
  • flogs He flogs himself every morning after his yoga practice.
  • globes I spotted some globes on the table.
  • gloves
  • kluges
  • lodges My family and I stayed in one of the cozy lodges in the mountains during our vacation.
  • loges The loges at the theater provide a more exclusive and intimate setting for watching performances.
  • logos
  • logs Pete was busy sorting logs into piles.

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