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How to spell CLOGGS correctly?

If you have misspelled the word "cloggs", here are some possible correct suggestions. The correct spelling is "clogs". The addition of an extra "g" at the end is unnecessary. So, please double-check your spelling and make sure to use the correct version, "clogs", when referring to those comfortable footwear options.

List of suggestions on how to spell cloggs correctly

  • Blogs I enjoy reading blogs about cooking and travel.
  • clangs The sound of church bells clangs through the quiet morning air.
  • clings
  • cloaks Wizards often wear cloaks to conceal their magical powers.
  • clocks The clocks in my house all have different times.
  • clods She kicked clods of earth across the path.
  • clog
  • clogged The sink was clogged with hair and food scraps.
  • clogs I can't wear clogs because they hurt my feet.
  • Clones In the future, clones will be a thing.
  • clonks I heard clonks coming from the engine, so I quickly pulled over to see what was wrong.
  • clops They found a clops on the roof.
  • closes The door closes with a slam.
  • Cloths
  • clots The medication I'm taking helps to prevent blood clots from forming.
  • clouds I often see clouds during the day.
  • cloves I always keep a few cloves of garlic in the fridge to add some flavor to my meals.
  • clovis Clovis was a famous 5th-century Frankish king who united the Franks and converted to Christianity.
  • clowns The clowns were frighteningly happy.
  • COGS
  • flogs John flogs himself every day to achieve his fitness goals.
  • loges It was raining heavily when we arrived at the loges.
  • logos
  • logs I need to get the logs from the fire.

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