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How to spell CLOS correctly?

If you have misspelled "clos", fret not! Here are a few possible correct suggestions: "close", "claws" or even "closet". Double-check the context and intended meaning, then choose the appropriate alternative. Remember, a little mistake can be easily rectified, turning it into an opportunity to improve your spelling skills!

List of suggestions on how to spell clos correctly

  • clod I accidentally stepped on a clod of mud while walking through the garden.
  • clods After the rain, the fields were full of clods of mud.
  • clog
  • clogs I always wear my clogs when working in the garden.
  • clop The sound of the horses' clop echoed through the quiet countryside.
  • clops I ate four clops.
  • close The door was close and I was trapped.
  • clot I got a clot on my leg.
  • clots Blood clots can be dangerous and can lead to serious health problems.
  • cloy Too much sugar can cloy the palate and make desserts taste overly sweet.
  • COLS I love going to the Cols store.
  • coos The mother dove coos softly to her babies in the nest.
  • cos I wear a lot of cos clothes because I love their minimalist and modern style.

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