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How to spell CLOZED correctly?

If you are trying to find the correct spelling for the word "clozed", you may want to consider the alternatives "closed" or "closet". Both words have different meanings but could potentially fit the context you are using. It's always a good idea to consult a dictionary or use spell-check to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell clozed correctly

  • Blazed He blazed a trail through the dense forest.
  • clawed The cat clawed at the curtains, trying to climb up to the window.
  • clewed
  • cloaked The spy was cloaked in darkness as he made his way through the enemy's territory.
  • clocked The runner clocked in at a time of 9.8 seconds, setting a new world record.
  • clod I felt like a clod when I spilled coffee all over my new shirt.
  • clogged The sink was clogged with grease and food debris.
  • cloned
  • close I like to sit close to the window on long car rides.
  • closed
  • closer I moved closer to the fire to warm my cold feet.
  • closes He always closes the window before sleeping at the night.
  • closet I cleaned out my closet yesterday and found clothes I forgot I had.
  • clothed She was fully clothed in her winter jacket, boots and hat.
  • clotted The blood had clotted, forming a thick scab on the wound.
  • cloud
  • clouded Her judgment was clouded by her emotions, causing her to make poor decisions.
  • Clouted I was clouted by the soccer ball.
  • clowned When he fell off the stage, everyone clowned him, leaving him red-faced and humiliated.
  • Cloyed I was Cloyed by the perfume he wore.
  • clued I am clued about the company's latest developments.
  • colored She purchased a set of colored markers to use in her art project.
  • cooled The baked goods need to be fully cooled before frosting them.
  • crazed The crazed man ran down the street screaming and waving his arms.
  • glazed
  • Globed
  • gloved The surgeon gloved up before the operation.
  • Glowed The moonlight glowed on the water.
  • Lazed I chilled out on the couch for a while, lazed around on the internet.

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