Correct spelling for CLOZED

We think the word clozed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for clozed

  • clawed As he clawed his way through into the passage, the sea water came bursting up through the floor of the bathroom behind him.
  • cloaked The heavy stand of spruce on the opposite mountain no longer cloaked it with the shadows of night like a perpetual threat of evil.
  • clod Goin' where each day ain't like a clod of mud on my coffin.
  • clogged The darkness appeared to me to double the duration of the hours, as though it was something physical and substantial that clogged the wheels of my watch, and hindered the motion of time itself.
  • close The boat I told you about must be close at hand."
  • closed He closed the door behind him, and the two were alone in the room.
  • closer "It's only that I love you, Ruth," he said, holding her closer, "and when I've said that, I've said all.
  • closet Take this gentleman to the closet, I say, and if his Majesty be angry, tell him it was by my order.
  • clothed Why, you are well fed and clothed; and if you wait long enough you will perhaps succeed to your uncle's property when he dies, and have a boat or two and a set of nets of your own."
  • clotted The decks of captured ships swim with punch and are clotted with gold dust, and happy soldiers play with diamonds as if they were marbles.
  • cloud But-have you ever tried to think of what took place on the other side of that cloud?
  • clouded The water clouded rapidly with silt, particles of marine growth, and fish eggs.
  • colored Austin's existence, just at that time, seemed even more rose-colored than Uncle Mat could suspect.
  • cooled For the first mile he decided he would; then, as his anger cooled, he began to think that after all he needn't worry much.
  • crazed Muller gazed into space like a seer before whose mental eye a vision has arisen, and continued in level tones: "Fellner had refused the duel and the murderer was crazed by his desire for revenge.
  • glazed Quickly the glazed eyes turned towards him, and the clammy hand was timidly extended.
  • gloved And both Mrs. Truscott's white hands now seized and clasped the unresisting, passive members that lay, still gloved, in her companion's lap.
  • Blazed The other man roused himself; the angry light, which for a moment had died down, blazed forth again in his eyes.
  • Classed Those classed as sports may require a country club membership but even this is on a more modest scale.
  • Clouted
  • Cloyed
  • Globed
  • Glossed
  • Glowed
  • Lazed
  • closes Very often they are arranged in a niche in the wall like a closet, and have two doors, which the average European, after getting into the bed, closes, thereby rendering it about as airy and well ventilated as a coffin.
  • clocked Chapman made his Major League debut August 31, 2010, in the eighth inning against the Milwaukee Brewers; his first pitch was clocked at 98 mph (158 km/h) as a called strike (which was promptly tossed to the dugout by catcher Ryan Hanigan, to be saved).
  • cloned However, by 2014 researchers were reporting cloning success rates of seven to eight out of ten and in 2016, a Korean Company Sooam Biotech was reported to be producing 500 cloned embryos per day.
  • clowned
  • clued
  • clewed When I went on deck at midnight I found that there was no occasion to set the studding-sails, for the breeze had freshened to more than half a gale, and the little hooker was staggering along before it and a fast-rising sea at a tremendous pace-considering the drag-with her royal clewed up and furled, and the gaff-topsail hauled down.

42 words made from the letters clozed

3 letter words made from clozed:

ceo, col, doc, oed, ezo, dec, lez, ecz, leo, edo, eld, ode, lcd, zed, old, dol, doe, led, dle.

4 letter words made from clozed:

clod, code, coze, olde, leoz, cold, odel, doel, lodz, dole, doze, odle, lezo, zelo, ozel, deol, delo, lode, cole.

5 letter words made from clozed:

dolce, cozed, cloze, docle.

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