Correct spelling for CLREARED

We think the word clreared is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for clreared

  • Cleared(Definition of cleared)
  • "i did not expect"-he cleared his throat-"to see you out to-day, sir harry."

  • Clamored
  • His heart clamored for swift action-his brain counselled caution and careful planning.

  • Clearest
  • I think these accidents would not have happened, or that the scriptures would have been preserved entirely in their genuine purity notwithstanding these accidents, if they had been entirely dictated by the holy ghost: and the proof of this probable proposition, according to our clearest and most distinct ideas of wisdom and moral fitness, is obvious and easy.

  • Collared(Definition of Collared)
  • I followed, and just as the full-back collared him he passed the ball to me.

  • Glared
  • He glared at her, uncertain what to believe.

  • Cluttered(Definition of cluttered)
  • The ends of the vast room were cluttered with electrical and chemical apparatus; but larry's eye was caught at once by a strange and complex device, which loomed across from him, in the center of the floor.

  • Clobbered
  • That in the end the hero invariably gets clobbered?

  • Coloured(Definition of coloured)
  • "some are very dry and scientific, and some are popular, and have coloured pictures.

  • Careered
  • Half the number were down at once, deftly assegaied; the remaining three however careered away, two wounded, and streaming with blood-the other untouched.

  • Claret(Definition of claret)
  • At last, when the claret came round, fru uthoug lifted her glass and drank to peer.

  • Colored(Definition of colored)
  • Why is it not colored blue?

  • Clattered(Definition of Clattered)
  • Leaving stoddard and larry to watch the library windows, i was after him, and we clattered over the loose boards in the upper hall and into a great unfinished chamber immediately over the entrance.

148 words made from the letters clreared

3 letter words made from clreared:

dec, ear, cad, are, led, lac, cer, red, eel, car, arc, dal, lea, aec, lee, dre, err, ale, lad, dle, eec, eld, lcd, rad, ade, ler, era, ace.

4 letter words made from clreared:

5 letter words made from clreared:

crear, cadre, cedre, laced, arcee, celer, daler, acree, cedar, arced, ardee, cerra, rader, laedc, arled, derer, alere, creed, reder, lacer, ledra, drace, leare, creer, creal, rared, redec, cadle, raree, edale, leard, dacer, darre, eader, crede, alder, areel, adree, cerae, racer, alred, edler, eared, decal, daele, darle, radle, recre, drear, ceral, ercel, reald, clear, reard, arede, edcel, lader, drere, reale, arcel, eldar, erdal, clade, caled, caere, clere, arere, erard, elder, recer, dacre, erler, leear, leder, creel, ceder.