How to spell COAUGHT correctly?

We think the word coaught is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell coaught correctly

  • aught How can she know aught about it-havin' none of her own?
  • cart The heavy luggage was to follow in the farm-cart.
  • coach Would you like to know what she called you to-day in the coach?"
  • coast We are to start on the long march to the coast to-morrow.
  • coat "Catch hold of the tail of my coat and then you won't lose us.
  • couch She arose, stepped half-way to the door, but came back and flung herself again upon the couch.
  • cough Also I cough a little.
  • count I don't love him in the way that you and I count love.
  • court It is like a court train.
  • curt He took up his paper again; and Sara, feeling sore and resentful, rose, said a curt "Very well," and walked out.
  • dough Made me some dough doing lots of the building.
  • doughty As there was an inordinate desire among the doughty and dusky warriors to wear these turbans, it follows that the population was being gradually but surely thinned out.
  • doughy The muddy mixture was shovelled into the hopper by spavined-looking old men, while, trudging wearily round and round, the spavined old horse ground it all up till it slowly squashed out at the bottom of the barrel, in a doughy compound, all ready for the moulds.
  • gout He had entered, although happily he did not know it, on the last decade of his life; and was already beginning to suffer from the two diseases, gout and ophthalmia, which were soon to undermine his strength and endurance.
  • haughty It was an attitude of polite but haughty condescension.
  • naught "T'other's a bit of a present for you-naught to do with the reward-a trifle from me.
  • nougat We teach you how to make French bonbons, nougat, chocolate creams and all the finest candies.
  • nought You are hanging on my arm, and I have hold of your hand; compared with this, all is as nought.
  • ought "I ought to know it.
  • sought He had sought Yvonne out on the very first night when she had crawled shivering to that corner of the room where she usually slept.
  • taught Bounding Bull never taught that to me.
  • thought "I thought I heard you talking to somebody.
  • wrought All through the night it followed her, and when morning came the haggard misery it had wrought upon her face had robbed it of all its youth.
  • Bought There is no one who has earned his career but Dr. Reed; he owes nothing to anyone; he has done it all by his own exertions; and now he has bought a London practice.
  • Caught They were caught in a trap.
  • Fought Only the other day, once again the Ulster Division and the Sixteenth Irish Division, shoulder to shoulder, have fought and died for Ireland.
  • Coughed Her uncle coughed insinuatingly in his beard.
  • CATT Get out your shovel, Mr. Catt!
  • naughty She sobbed and moaned, and with clasped hands repeated her vow to be good, good, good; never to be naughty again so long as she lived!

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