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How to spell COAZING correctly?

If you're facing the misspelling "coazing", here are some possible correct suggestions: "coaxing", meaning persuading or gently urging someone; "crazing", referring to a network of cracks on a surface; or "coaling", which relates to the process of supplying or storing coal. Ensure to choose the right word based on the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell coazing correctly

  • Caging The caging of animals in the circus is often cruel and inhumane.
  • Caking I love caking because it's a therapeutic activity for me.
  • caning In Singapore,caning is a form of punishment reserved for serious offences.
  • caring
  • casing The victim's body was found inside a garbage bag covered in Wichita, KS casing.
  • Caving Some people find caving to be an exhilarating and adventurous activity, while others may find it terrifying.
  • Cawing
  • coaching My friend is getting a coaching session to improve her public speaking skills.
  • Coaling The coaling station was busy with workers fueling up the steam engines.
  • Coasting After making a strenuous effort for several days, she felt like coasting for a while.
  • coating
  • coaxing He managed to get the cat out of the tree with some coaxing and a can of tuna.
  • coding My friend enjoys coding for fun and creating new programs.
  • coking The coal must undergo a process of coking before it can be used in steel production.
  • coming I am excited about the coming summer vacation.
  • coning
  • cooing I heard a cooing sound coming from down the hallway.
  • coping Coping with a difficult situation is something that many people go through throughout their lives.
  • Coring Coring is the process of removing a cylindrical sample of soil or rock from the ground.
  • costing
  • Cowing
  • Crazing She was experiencing a mental break and was going CRAZING
  • Dazing The mesmerizing beauty of the sunset was dazing me.
  • dozing
  • fazing
  • Gazing As I lay on the grass, I found myself gazing up at the stars above.
  • Glazing The glazing on the cake made it look shiny and delicious.
  • grazing A herd of cows were grazing in the fields.
  • Hazing The fraternity was known for hazing rituals, which involved physical and psychological torment.
  • Hoaxing Hoaxing the public with fake news is a dangerous practice that can cause harm and undermine trust in media outlets.
  • Lazing On a beautiful summer day, I couldn't resist lazing on the beach for hours.
  • oozing There was an oozing wound on his arm.
  • razing The developers were razing the historic building to make way for a new shopping center.
  • soaking He was soaking in the hot tub.

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