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How to spell COCKEY correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "cockey" could include "cocky", meaning overly confident or arrogant or "cockle", a type of small edible marine bivalve. Another option could be "cookie", a sweet baked treat. It ultimately depends on the intended meaning or context of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell cockey correctly

  • Cocked He cocked his head to the side, considering her words carefully.
  • cockier Sarah was cockier than usual today.
  • cockily She said that she would ruin him but he cockily told her not to bother.
  • cockle I collected a handful of cockle shells on the beach.
  • cockney The cockney accent is often associated with the London area.
  • cocks
  • coke I'm going to the vending machine to get some coke.
  • coked
  • Cokes I always order a large Cokes with my fast food meal.
  • cooke
  • cooker I'll need a cooker for the cake.
  • cookery I enjoy experimenting with new recipes in my cookery classes.
  • corker That movie was a real corker - I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!
  • hockey My younger brother is a huge hockey fan and loves to watch games on TV.
  • jockey She works as a jockey at the local racetrack.
  • Jockeys Some jockeys wear brightly colored jackets and ride on horses behind the racetrack.
  • jokey She told a jokey little story that made me laugh.

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