Correct spelling for CODUL

We think the word codul is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for codul

  • Cool(Definition of cool)
  • Coda(Definition of coda)
  • Coca-coda – child of coda adult and child of deaf adult koda – kid of deaf adult(s) goda – grandchild of deaf adult(s) soda – sibling of a deaf adult(s) spoda – spouse of deaf adult

  • Curl(Definition of curl)
  • Cd(Definition of cd)
  • With vignette titles by t. woolner, w. holman hunt, &c. handsomely bound in extra cloth, 4s. 6d.; morocco plain, 7s. 6d.; morocco extra, 10s. cd. each volume.

  • Cordial(Definition of cordial)
  • Doll(Definition of doll)
  • Gould(Definition of gould)
  • Cold(Definition of cold)
  • Ex-Acerbating
  • Coral(Definition of coral)
  • Dull(Definition of dull)
  • Cord(Definition of cord)
  • Code(Definition of code)
  • He had never yet failed when he chose to exert himself, and though he might, for a time, be compelled to adopt a different code of morality from that which he at present acknowledged, he would do it for once.

  • Colo
  • Coal(Definition of coal)
  • His face was white and cold, his jaw square and set; his coal-black eyes glittered with almost a superhuman fire.

  • Coil(Definition of coil)
  • You will need about 80 feet and might buy 200 to have enough for the secondary coil.

  • Cult(Definition of cult)
  • Clod(Definition of clod)
  • You never met a jewish clod or yokel.

  • Could(Definition of could)
  • Dual(Definition of dual)
  • Coder
  • Rube bressler, major-league baseball player was born in coder in 1894.

  • Godly(Definition of godly)
  • Cl(Definition of cl)
  • Cl., gilt, 50 cts.

  • Cud(Definition of cud)
  • Cloud(Definition of cloud)
  • For it came creeping like a cloud that's moving all alone, without the sound of footsteps ...

  • Cod(Definition of COD)
  • In our own seas rather less than a tenth of the species of fishes belong to the cod tribe.

  • Coldly(Definition of coldly)
  • Coital
  • Cobol(Definition of cobol)
  • Programming languages from acorn: iso pascal (2× 16 kb rom + floppy disk) s-pascal (disk or tape) bcpl (rom plus further optional disk based modules) forth (16 kb rom) lisp (disk,tape or rom) logo (2× 16 kb rom) turtle graphics (disk or tape) micro-prolog (16 kb rom) comal (16 kb rom) microfocus cis cobol (running under cp/m on floppy disks via the z80 second processor)

  • Yodel(Definition of yodel)
  • Modal(Definition of modal)
  • Cole(Definition of cole)
  • Clout(Definition of clout)
  • "and some they give me the good red gold, and some they give me the white money, and some they give me a clout o' meal, for they be people o' low degree.

  • Cola(Definition of cola)
  • Caudal(Definition of caudal)
  • They are characterized by an oblong body more or less elevated and compressed; rough scales, large head and mouth; teeth sharp and unequal; dorsal fin single, with ten or twelve spines; anal fin similar in shape to soft dorsal fin, with three spines; the caudal fin concave.

  • Coed
  • From celtic *iska 'water (irish uisce); second element in isca dumnoniorum (exeter) is a tribal name (see devon) leatherhead, surrey from brythonic *lēd- [from celtic *leito-] + *rïd- [from celtic *(φ)ritu-] = "grey ford" lincoln, lincolnshire, latin lindum colonia from celtic *lindo- 'pool' + latin colonia 'colony manchester, latin mamucium or mancunium from celtic *mamm- 'breast (referring to the shape of a hill) noviomagus (latin), now chichester, west sussex and crayford, kent from celtic *nowijo- 'new' (welsh newydd) + *magos 'field, plain pengethley, herefordshire from brythonic *penn- 'hill, top, head, chief' (welsh pen) + possibly *kelli 'to stand (welsh gelli) pencoyd, herefordshire penge, greater london penketh, cheshire from brythonic *penn- 'hill, top, head, chief' (welsh pen) + *koid- 'wood' (welsh coed), or *cēd- 'wood pencraig, herefordshire pendlebury, greater manchester pendleton, lancashire pendock, worcestershire first element from brythonic *penn- 'hill, top, head, chief' (welsh pen 'head, end, chief, supreme') = irish ceann 'head, from proto-celtic *kwenno- penn, buckinghamshire penn, west midlands from brythonic *penn- 'hill (welsh pen) lower penn, staffordshire from english lower + brythonic *penn- 'hill penshaw, sunderland from brythonic *penn- 'hill' and possibly p-celtic *carr 'rocks.

  • Codas
  • The announcement of the codas victory sent delegates in baden-baden and residents of calgary into celebration.

  • Nodal(Definition of Nodal)
  • Copula(Definition of copula)
  • Modulo
  • Cuddle(Definition of cuddle)
  • Cuddly
  • Duly(Definition of duly)
  • Cloudy(Definition of cloudy)
  • It was very early, and a cloudy morning, so that night had still almost undisturbed possession of earth and sky; but in the south-eastern quarter, between two clouds, there was a space of fair white promise, hardly making any impression upon the darkness, but only set off by it.

  • Coulee
  • Godel
  • Cody
  • It is asking a great deal, i know, as you have just ridden eighty miles; but it is a case of necessity, and if you'll go, cody, i'll see that you are well paid for it.

  • Model(Definition of model)
  • Cull(Definition of cull)
  • Coded
  • Mammals have at least six actin isoforms coded by separate genes, which are divided into three classes (alpha, beta and gamma) according to their isoelectric points.

  • Module(Definition of module)
  • Col(Definition of col)
  • Duel
  • Codes
  • Neither the buddha nor christ thought it worth while to write anything and both of them ignored ceremonial and sacerdotal codes in a way which must have astounded their contemporaries.

  • Coddle(Definition of coddle)
  • Gail matthius - miss molly coddle, the comfort doll (mr.

  • Cowl(Definition of cowl)
  • Colt(Definition of colt)
  • Cods
  • 2. on the coasts about scarborough, where the haddocks, cods, and dog-fish, are in great abundance, the fishermen universally believe that the dog-fish make a line, or semicircle, to encompass a shoal of haddocks and cod, confining them within certain limits near the shore, and eating them as occasion requires.

  • Coll
  • Nodule(Definition of nodule)

20 words made from the letters codul

4 letter words made from codul:

cold, clod, ould, ludo, duoc, dulo, loud, duco, coud.

5 letter words made from codul:

3 letter words made from codul:

cud, col, old, luo, duo, dol, lcd, doc, cul.