Correct spelling for COENSIDED

We think the word coensided is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for coensided

  • Conceded(Definition of conceded)
  • Very well, he conceded, if you insist on our giving no more work to mappin, i suppose he must be sacrificed, though you place me in an unpleasant position.

  • Consoled
  • Buried in solitude after the abrupt departure of the count, jeanne de saint-savin owed to her child the only semblance of happiness that consoled her life.

  • Consorted(Definition of Consorted)
  • Confided
  • If she had confided to him the matter which so deeply troubled her and yet filled her with the greatest pride, the poor old warrior, who valued honour far more than life, would have turned her out of the house.

  • Coincide(Definition of coincide)
  • This impression can be avoided only when circumstance and accident are so depicted that they are felt to coincide with something in the hero himself, so that he is not simply destroyed by an outward force.

  • Conceited(Definition of conceited)
  • He talks in this way to make us think that he's not conceited; but he really knows in his heart that they're very handsome.

  • Considers
  • Sir charles locock considers "that, in severe dysentery, especially where there is sickness, there is no remedy equal to pure calomel, in a full dose without opium."

  • Coexisted
  • Murchison has notes of eight cases in which the eruption of this disease coexisted with that of scarlatina, and says that it was not uncommon in the london fever hospital for a patient suffering from the former disease to contract the latter.

  • Consider(Definition of consider)
  • If some people would think us poor, others would most certainly consider us very rich indeed.

  • Consisted
  • For it was manifest that they had but to stretch out their hands to possess whatever the wealth of a caravan consisted of; and i began to think better of the people who, knowing well their strength, did not use it-of people who were intellectual enough to comprehend that their interest lay in permitting the caravans to pass on without attempting any outrage.

  • Consumed
  • How could he live, whose life was thus consumed with moan?

  • Considered(Definition of considered)
  • It is not the thing that he is doing, but the spirit in which he is doing it, that should be considered.

  • Coincided
  • The settled convictions of my gentile friends coincided.

257 words made from the letters coensided

4 letter words made from coensided:

5 letter words made from coensided:

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3 letter words made from coensided:

des, cos, den, sod, neo, oed, din, ceo, iso, ode, dos, odd, edo, ion, dod, ene, ded, eon, sec, see, son, eec, iod, cns, eos, die, sen, scd, one, doc, nec, nsc, nee, cio, dis, nod, don, con, end, cis, ese, ice, ies, dds, sic, doe, sin, edd, dec, ido.