Correct spelling for COFESSION

We think the word cofession is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for cofession

  • Cohesion(Definition of cohesion)
  • For centuries after the break of roman power it had been mostly one local influence against another which prevented perfect cohesion to any national spirit, and thus it was that the tendencies of the cathedral builders, though roman as to their teaching and religion, and doubtless, in many instances, with regard to their birth as well, followed no special style until the era of gothic development.

  • Fashion(Definition of fashion)
  • Far different, however, was the fashion of her retreat.

  • Fission(Definition of fission)
  • 3, 4. binary fissions of same, 1-nucleat individual at final stage of fission.

  • Corrosion(Definition of corrosion)
  • =christie, w. w. boiler-waters, scale, corrosion, foaming.

  • Coffin(Definition of coffin)
  • Ruth would steal noiselessly upstairs; past where garry lay, the flowers heaped upon his coffin, and corinne would learn the glad tidings before to-morrow's sun.

  • Collision(Definition of collision)
  • No collision of circumstances in our mortal career strikes a light for them.

  • Fusion(Definition of fusion)
  • As the democrats had a natural ascendency in the city, the outlook for fusion was on the whole growing rather depressing.

  • Confusion(Definition of confusion)
  • To nan's confusion was added her embarrassment at her personal appearance.

  • Collusion(Definition of collusion)
  • For i think no one suspects her of anything more than collusion with him.

  • Cushion(Definition of cushion)
  • His voice had barely ceased, when a messenger came to felim to tell him that a daughter was born to him, and on his heels came a procession of chanting women, bearing the babe on a flower-decked cushion.

  • Confession(Definition of confession)
  • I could not understand her, for i knew nothing of the confession which she had made, but would not for the world should reach my ears.

  • Commission(Definition of commission)
  • The comendador had been brutal, it is true; but it was not true that he had gone beyond the extent of his commission.

  • Conversion(Definition of conversion)
  • Were it not for her father, who will not listen to the thought of conversion before marriage, she would already be a catholic, and-protestants as they are for the moment-she would never go anywhere but to church...

183 words made from the letters cofession

4 letter words made from cofession:

5 letter words made from cofession:

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3 letter words made from cofession:

fin, cns, sen, nsc, ies, ecf, cio, ice, fen, con, coo, sse, one, fes, sic, nec, sis, ifc, sec, iso, sif, sos, cis, ceo, foe, eos, sin, cos, eon, ono, ion, ofo, son, neo.