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How to spell COHNE correctly?

If you are encountering the misspelling "cohne", the correct suggestions might include "cohen", "cone" or "clone". "Cohen" could refer to the common surname, while "cone" relates to a geometric shape or an ice cream cone. "Clone" implies the process of creating an identical copy.

List of suggestions on how to spell cohne correctly

  • cane She uses a cane to help her walk.
  • chine
  • clone I wanted to clone my cat, but I was afraid I would make a mistake and end up with a monster.
  • cohan
  • Cohen Benjamin Cohen is a co-founder of Tableau Software.
  • coin My grandmother always kept a silver coin in her jewelry box.
  • Coined They coined the phrase "the golden age of comics.
  • coiner
  • cone Sheffield has a cone problem.
  • ConEd
  • cones She placed three scoops of ice cream into the cones.
  • Cong
  • CONJ
  • conk
  • conn
  • Conned You were conned by the salesman.
  • Conner My name is Conner and I love playing soccer.
  • Connie Connie cooked a delicious dinner for her family.
  • cons Cons always get their own way.
  • CONT
  • cony
  • Corine I really like Corine's style.
  • corn
  • cornea I have a cornea transplant to correct my myopia.
  • corned I had corned beef and cabbage for dinner last night.
  • corner I hit the corner of the building and crashed into a light post.
  • cornet I played the cornet in the school band.
  • corny This movie is cheesy, and it's pretty corny.
  • cosine
  • crone The village crone was feared by the children, who believed her to be a witch.
  • gone The sun has gone down, and it's time for bed.
  • hone
  • John John is the name of a capital city in the United States.
  • Johnie His father, Johnie, died when he was young.
  • one
  • scone I am going to enjoy a warm scone with my afternoon tea.

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