Correct spelling for COLIGES

We think the word coliges is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for coliges

  • Collies
  • Collides
  • Colleges
  • Clicks
  • It was fairly cool under the big tree by the track fence, and the click of blister's stop-watch, with his varied comments on what those clicks recorded, drifted out of my consciousness much as had the dust-clouds.

  • Kluges
  • Calicoes(Definition of Calicoes)
  • Two calicoes, a blue muslin, a gingham and another delaine, beside the one she had on.

  • Collages
  • Coolies
  • Clogs
  • Motion the raft had none, but as the top-sails of the coquette were still aback, the naming mass, no longer arrested by the clogs in the water, began slowly to separate from the floating spars, though the tottering and half-burnt masts threatened, at each moment, to fall.

  • Cliques
  • The cliques would unite against her, even if one should find in her a spirit of reconciliation, which i supremely doubted.

  • Colognes

145 words made from the letters coliges

4 letter words made from coliges:

igel, igoe, gois, loei, egco, egli, goes, ileo, olig, gilo, icse, lgoc, leio, goil, clio, soil, ogie, seli, lose, glis, coil, legi, olic, elio, silo, osel, gelo, giel, sole, olie, egis, isle, slog, legs, logs, seoi, egoi, sieg, sloe, cleg, cego, ilgo, clog, segi, ices, lies, loge, cole, gole, ogle, losi, geci, oeil, lecg, siel.

5 letter words made from coliges:

egoli, cogie, ceoil, celis, close, losec, socie, golis, scoil, colie, golic, gelco, cielo, logie, ceils, siglo, solei, ogles, clogs, egols, lisco, coile, coeli, geils, eclog, sileo, loges, socle, legos, selic, gleis, logic, clios, egoic, oelig, clies, lices, sigel, coils, osiel, liceo, soile, iscol, clegs, goles, gosei, coleg, sligo, segol, slice, ciose, glico, legco, olegs, iseco, egils, eolic, cleis, legio, clise, goels, cosel, ciego.

3 letter words made from coliges:

eos, cio, lei, iso, ige, sec, sol, ecg, leg, ice, cos, oil, leo, cis, ies, col, cog, gel, ilo, sic, cgs, log, sle, ceo, lie, cli, ego.