Correct spelling for COLLEGIES

We think the word collegies is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for collegies

  • Collieries
  • 7. more consumption at the collieries.

  • Clergies
  • College
  • If he could keep up with that he would be ready for college in two years.

  • Colleagues
  • Colleges
  • Colloquies
  • That she was really a woman of the exquisite stolidity of mrs. shandy, and that her exasperating feats as an assentatrix did, as has been suggested, supply the model for the irresistibly ludicrous colloquies between the philosopher and his wife, there is no sufficient warrant for believing.

  • Collages
  • Collies

229 words made from the letters collegies

4 letter words made from collegies:

icse, sell, eile, lees, lies, leio, legs, legi, leel, igoe, elio, logs, leil, sieg, gill, olic, loei, cleg, sole, ells, glee, ices, lols, silo, ills, slog, lose, clio, geci, igel, else, lgoc, seoi, isle, cole, gelo, losi, gilo, ileo, egco, liel, clog, lelo, sloe, siel, elei, gois, egli, cego, giel, loge, egoi, goil, olie, lilo, coil, liol, cell, oell, goes, oeil, gole, ogle, scee, segi, gell, elli, lecg, lele, seel, osel, glis, ilgo, egis, sele, seli, soil, ogie, olig, sill, sege.

5 letter words made from collegies:

geeco, eclog, ceoil, coile, glees, gello, celis, eells, geels, clies, lelio, gelle, cielo, cogie, geils, egoic, lilos, colls, osiel, lelie, lices, gsell, gillo, liegl, slice, elies, eliel, legio, eelco, gosei, giese, elgie, geise, sligo, selce, coils, solel, solei, legco, egill, iseco, locle, clios, oelig, gills, golis, liceo, gille, golic, close, sello, gelli, scoil, ciose, colli, leise, ogles, gelco, coleg, golle, goels, losee, cosel, logie, segel, ceils, clegs, ecleo, ciego, socle, logic, sigel, segol, clogs, siege, eolic, iscol, glico, celle, egils, coeli, liles, cleis, lelis, siglo, olegs, loges, cello, soile, lisle, socie, gleis, lisco, selic, seige, liege, sileo, illes, segoe, egols, legos, colie, ogees, selle, ellos, goles, losec, esile, coill, clise, egoli, colee.

3 letter words made from collegies:

ell, cis, ige, ese, eos, oil, cio, col, ice, ecg, lie, cli, leo, log, gel, leg, see, ill, sic, cog, ceo, iso, eel, ego, eeg, sec, ilo, lei, gee, sle, cgs, ies, sol, lee, cos, eec.