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How to spell COLLGES correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "collges" instead of "colleges", don't worry! Simple typing errors are common. You can correct it by replacing the "l" with an "e", resulting in "colleges". Proofreading your work or using spell-check tools can help in avoiding such mistakes and ensuring accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell collges correctly

  • collage She made a beautiful collage of her favorite memories from the past year.
  • collagen Collagen is a protein that helps give the skin its youthful, supple appearance.
  • collages She collected collages of old postcards.
  • collars Please leave your collars at the door.
  • collates She collates old newspapers to create a history of the community.
  • colleens The group of colleens danced in traditional Irish dresses at the cultural festival.
  • college I am currently studying at college to become a doctor.
  • colleges There are many great colleges to choose from when deciding where to pursue higher education.
  • collides
  • colliers "My great-grandfather worked as a colliers in the coal mines near Newcastle.
  • collies
  • colludes
  • colognes My dad collects various colognes, and his dresser is filled with them.
  • coolies The coolies worked tirelessly in the sweltering heat to load and unload cargo from the ships at the port.
  • coulees The mountainous region was filled with winding coulees that provided picturesque views.
  • Jollies I'm feeling jollies after spending time with my family.

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