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How to spell COLLGOUES correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "collgoues" instead of "colleagues", fret not! Autocorrect is here to save the day. The correct spelling is "colleagues", referring to your co-workers or people you collaborate with. Let this small correction serve as a reminder to double-check before hitting send!

List of suggestions on how to spell collgoues correctly

  • calliopes The calliopes filled the carnival with their lively tunes and cheerful melodies.
  • callous His callous disregard for the feelings of others was evident in his harsh words.
  • callouses After months of working hard on his guitar, John developed callouses on his fingertips.
  • callouts During the meeting, the manager made several callouts to individuals who were underperforming.
  • collages Sarah loves creating collages by combining photographs, magazine cutouts, and other small objects to express her artistic vision.
  • collapses The building collapses due to the intense magnitude of the earthquake.
  • collates The librarian collates all the books by their respective genres for easy browsing.
  • colleagues I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues on projects to ensure we achieve the best results together.
  • colleges Many colleges are moving towards online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • collides The truck collided with the car, causing a major accident on the highway.
  • collies The collies herded the sheep into the pen.
  • colloids Colloids are a type of mixture where small particles are dispersed throughout a medium, creating a cloudy or milky appearance.
  • colloquies I thoroughly enjoyed the intellectual colloquies that took place during the academic conference.
  • colludes The two employees were fired after it was discovered that they colluded to sabotage a competitor's product.
  • colognes He has a collection of expensive colognes on his dresser.
  • colones I exchanged my US dollars for Costa Rican colones before my trip to Central America.
  • dollhouse I bought a beautiful dollhouse for my daughter's birthday present.
  • dollhouses She spent hours decorating dollhouses with tiny furniture and accessories.
  • roll-outs The company is planning several new product roll-outs in the next quarter.
  • rollouts The company's recent product rollouts have been highly successful, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • tollgates We had to stop at several tollgates during our road trip to pay the required fees.

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