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How to spell COLLIAGATION correctly?

If you meant to say "Colliagation" but realized it's incorrect, here are some alternative suggestions. Perhaps you meant "Colligation", which refers to the process of drawing logical connections or collecting data and evidence. Alternatively, you may have intended to use "Congelation", which describes the process of solidifying a liquid into a solid.

List of suggestions on how to spell Colliagation correctly

  • Collation The office manager oversaw the collation of all the documents for the important meeting.
  • Colligative "The colligative properties of a solution, such as boiling point elevation or freezing point depression, depend solely on the number of solute particles present."
  • Collocation "Studying collocation is helpful in improving language learners' ability to use words together naturally and correctly in context."
  • Obligation I have an obligation to finish my homework before I can go out and play.
  • Pollination Pollination is the vital process of transferring pollen from the male reproductive organ to the female reproductive organ in plants.

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