Correct spelling for COLOURES

We think the word coloures is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for coloures

  • Coloured(Definition of coloured)
  • Miss rosebury started in turn, and coloured slightly.

  • Colors
  • The colors on the may pole matched the colored caps that the children wore.

  • Colourist
  • The richest colourist of the nineteenth century, obsessed by colour, little is known of this monticelli, even in these days when an artist's life is subjected to inquisitorial methods.

  • Coloreds
  • Opposition to birth control remained strong: state legislatures refused to legalize contraception or the distribution of contraceptive information; religious leaders spoke out, attacking women who would choose "ease and fashion" over motherhood; and eugenicists were worried that birth control would exacerbate the birth rate differential between "old stock" white americans and "coloreds" or immigrants.

  • Closures
  • Policy analysis of rural boarding schools in china," stated that the real reason many village schools closed was because the central government had passed taxation reforms that limited the amount of revenues received by local governments; therefore the closures of the village schools and redirections of the children were done to improve the financial situations of the local governments, which were still responsible for the education of the children in their areas.

  • Colours
  • She loves you in return, perchance; but, think you, even were you to desert the colours you have determined to follow, the powerful and haughty minister would listen to the suit of one without wealth or family?

  • Calories
  • Hence, the foregoing tables can be used to estimate energy requirement for all ages above seventeen: children of 1-2 years inclusive 1000-1200 calories per day children of 2-5 years inclusive 1200-1500 calories per day children of 6-9 years inclusive 1400-2000 calories per day girls of 10-13 years inclusive 1800-2400 calories per day boys of 10-13 years inclusive 2300-3000 calories per day girls of 14-17 years inclusive 2200-2600 calories per day boys of 14-17 years inclusive 2800-4000 calories per day the fact that the energy requirement of the boy from 10 to 17 years is greater than that of the girl of equal age is due probably to the greater restlessness or muscular activity of the boy.

    On voit bien que ces baigneuses bien nourries Comptaient pas leurs calories

    – Nous Maigrirons Ensemble by Pierre Perret
  • Colourless(Definition of colourless)
  • Not only her face, but her hair, her lips, and her very eyes were white and colourless, for she had gone blind from gazing too hard into her crystal ball, and hunting the king's son to death.

  • Colourize

213 words made from the letters coloures

3 letter words made from coloures:

leo, coo, use, ceo, luo, sue, leu, cul, res, sur, esr, rue, cur, sec, ler, loo, url, cro, cue, roe, col, sol, cos, sou, ore, cer, eos, uro, sle, roc.

4 letter words made from coloures:

lour, eorl, leus, sole, coos, oser, olor, role, lero, user, luso, clue, cool, core, seor, ruse, ouro, oseo, oslo, osco, ooru, cloo, sore, sure, suel, olso, suor, leur, cero, soor, loco, loso, suro, suco, loeu, ecru, eous, loos, oure, oleo, suer, rues, looe, sulo, cure, luer, lure, roue, oseu, rous, lore, soul, rose, curl, reul, cole, rolo, crue, sloe, sule, lose, oreo, roco, lous, crus, eros, rule, slue, coue, luce, rcsl, euro, slur, osel, sour, loue, looc, solo, orlu, luro.

5 letter words made from coloures:

couso, loose, orles, coser, orcus, rusco, roues, louro, soole, elros, serlo, curso, oculo, oecus, cuers, luces, roluo, couse, ecolo, coore, roseo, lures, loser, score, cooer, color, rouse, scuol, resul, louse, rusol, curse, corus, coler, clore, clous, locus, ousel, eusol, roleo, leoro, crool, luers, eorls, louer, seoul, lours, close, cures, scour, resol, coeus, eloor, cosel, losco, socle, creus, roule, cruse, oreos, solor, colus, ecrus, useco, oleos, roose, cerus, rules, scool, coues, leros, cours, surco, clour, soule, ourso, suero, cruel, loure, rouls, cools, lucre, sucre, clues, corso, rosle, coule, socol, soeur, suelo, croel, corse, cuero, coole, cloer, cores, ulcer, losec, leuco, curls, slore, sloer, rouco.