How to spell COLPOR correctly?

We think the word colpor is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell colpor correctly

  • caliper 1420, and the adjustment may be made without requiring to tap or lightly knock the caliper legs against the work as is usually done to set them.
  • capo Phillips, in Rome, 15; quoted, 16, 39, 388, 394, 395. Brownell, W. C., quoted, 96. Browning, Elizabeth B., in Rome, 11; quoted, 60, 114, 125, 389; death of, 80, 408; meeting with Mrs. Bronson, 410, 411. Browning Palace, 406, 410, 411, 412, 413. Browning, Robert, quoted, 3, 407, 408; in Rome, 11, 70; in Venice, 406; death of, 408. Browning, Miss Sarianna, 408, 413. Buono, 236. Byron, Lord, in Rome, 22; quoted, 22, 403. Campagna, 73, 205. Campanile, fall of, 406. Campo Verano, 76. Campo Santo of Pisa, 450, 451, 453. Campidoglio, buildings on, 25. Campriani, 237. Canova, in Rome, 7; his genius, 33; masterpiece of, 42; realism of, 118. Capella Sistina, 27. Capo Miseno, 241. Capri, island of, 262, 263, 264; roses of, 266. Capuano, Cardinal, legends of, 256. Capuccini, convent of, 255. Carducci, 143. Carter, Professor Jesse Benedict, in Rome, 169. Carter, Mrs. Jesse Benedict, 34, 37, 169. Casa Buonarroti, 312. Casino Borghese, 185. Castel d'Ischia, 292, 293, 294. Castellammare, 250. Castle Gandolfo, 286. Castiglione, 306. Cecioni's "La Madre," 121. Cestius, Caius, tomb of, 215. Channing, Grace Ellery, 10, 91. Chapel of Holy Sacrament, 202. Chateaubriand, in Rome, 21; quoted, 21. Cicero's villa, remains of, 207. Cimabue, 376, 378. Cole, Thomas, in Rome, 9. Coleman, Charles Caryl, home of, 263. College of Cardinals, 435. Colonna, Fabrizio, 290. Colonna family, 285, 288, 289, 306, 307. Colonna palace and gardens, 131. Colonna, Vittoria, home of, 282; quoted, 283, 303; parents of, 285; early childhood of, 286, 288; horoscope of, 289; destiny of, 290; betrothal of, 290; marriage of, 294, 295; early married life of, 295, 296; quoted, 297, 298, 300, 303, 305, 319, 320, 321; in Pope Leo's court, 302; her husband's death, 302; removal of, 304; fame of, 306; return to Rome of, 307; Longfellow's picture of, 308, 309, 310, 325, 326, 327; travels of, 308, 311; her influence with Michael Angelo, 313; life in Rome and Orvieto, 314; receives letters and sonnet from Michael Angelo, 317; receives present from Michael Angelo, 318; arranges meeting of Michael Angelo and Francesco d'Ollanda, 322, 323, 324; Walter Pater's comments on, 328; death of, 329; last prayer of, 330; burial of, 331; tomb of, 332; bust of, 334; fame of, 335, 336; Margaret J. Preston's poem on, 337. Condivi, quoted, 313. Contarini, Cardinal, 306. Corsini chapel, 152. Crawford, Marion, in Rome, 11, 13. Crawford, Thomas, in Rome, 49; career of, 51; poem on, 52. Crow, Hon.
  • clio Arethusa, spread thy lap, Catch him, and with pinky hands Bear him to the coral sands, Where thy sisters sit in school Carding the Milesian wool:- Clio, Spio, Beroe, Opis and Phyllodoce,- Pass by these, and also pass Yellow-haired Lycorias; Pass Ligea, shrill of song- All the dear surrounding throng; Lay him at Cyrene's feet There, where all the rivers meet: In their waters crystalline Bathe him clean of weed and brine, Comb him, wipe his pretty eyes, Then to Zeus who rules the skies Call, assembling in a round Every fish that can be found- Whale and merman, lobster, cod, Tittlebat and demigod:- Lord of all the Universe, We, thy finny pensioners, Sue thee for the little life Hurried hence by Hades' wife.
  • clop My station at Majorca, the Clop de Galazo, a very high mountain, was situated exactly over the port where Don Jayme el Conquistator disembarked when he went to deliver the Balearic Islands from the Moors.
  • cloy She was too clingy by my standards.
  • col Coleslaw is my favorite side dish.
  • cola I always drink cola when I go out with my friends.
  • cole John bought a cole slaw at the restaurant.
  • collar
  • colon
  • color He added a spark of color to the drab room.
  • colors Red, yellow, green, blue.
  • colour
  • colours
  • cool She was really cool when she winced and put her arm over her eyes.
  • cooler
  • coop The chickens roamed freely around the coop.
  • cooper I have a spare car that I would love to swap with you.
  • cop The cop stopped me and asked for my ID.
  • cope I need to start planning for my wedding, but I don't know what to do about the finances.
  • copier
  • copper The copper pipe was old and rusted.
  • coppola Isabella Coppola is an American film director.
  • copy
  • corp
  • coup Thousands of people took to the streets to protest the coup.
  • cowper I was so lucky to find a cowper at the market.
  • gulper Some fish are gulpers, which means they consume a large amount of food in a short amount of time.
  • Compo I compoed this song for a school project.
  • Coll I saw a bird perched on a nearby tree.
  • Cleo No wonder, Cleora, I'm getting so gray! I grieve for my lost darling day after day; And, Cleo, my daughter, don't mind if it's true, But I reckon I've guessed about Archie and you! And the Lord knows our burdens are grievous to bear, But there's still a bright edge to my cloud of despair, And somehow I hear, like a tune in my head: "The boys are coming! The boys aren't dead!"
  • COLO
  • CPO
  • colder

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