Correct spelling for COMENCING

We think the word comencing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for comencing

  • Communing
  • Besides these, expressions are also found concerning thanksgiving, such as that most beautifully said by cyprian concerning those communing in a godly way.

  • Romancing
  • In an old engraving of rochester bridge the inn can be seen with the word "wright's" distinctly showing in prominent letters emblazoned on its frontage, if such proof that jingle was not romancing were necessary.

  • Commanding
  • They hurried to the colonel's headquarters, where they found their commanding officer waiting for them.

  • Commencing
  • They had already loaded them, before commencing to skin the cimmarons.

  • Mincing
  • She had met him once since her return-he had had the courage to call upon her-and the familiar pose of his small head and the mincing stride of his slender legs had given her a feeling of nausea.

  • Commenting
  • The acts of the apostles is the second volume of the gospel history, and the epistles form a book of correspondence commenting on the first, or illustrating the second, volume.

  • Jouncing
  • Jouncing or hobbling baby.

  • Recommencing
  • The games and other sports were recommencing with greater energy after this brief interruption.

  • Menacing
  • At bristol in a crowded stuffy hall he faced what was at the start almost a menacing crowd.

  • Commending
  • We have no hesitation in commending to our readers a volume which- the spirit of mr. clement shorter and chorus of subtershorters are detected and expelled.

173 words made from the letters comencing

5 letter words made from comencing:

egoic, nicon, mieno, comic, ciego, comen, egion, minec, nimon, onemi, genic, mince, gnome, gonce, cimon, ennog, mengi, conne, cemig, imcce, necci, cenco, conge, meoni, moine, ieong, menon, mcing, menin, conic, cenci, ingen, mengo, cenon, imeon, menno, gonen, nemco, einon, onnie, gonne, noemi, cione, ogmic, ennio, gonin, conen, mineo, monie, gonic, genin, monic, coing, eigon, nicen, genon, oning, comin, ngoni, nonce, monge, negin, minge, nigon, necon, coign, omegn, cogie, cogen, cecin, mogen.

4 letter words made from comencing:

omen, cing, gion, igon, coen, enim, meon, inec, come, cenn, moen, nong, noen, engi, ogie, neon, negm, mine, nice, cego, emin, none, inme, cnnc, ming, iong, gien, nein, meno, eccm, gicm, conn, omni, gone, igoe, nine, mien, onen, ning, onge, enic, egco, nige, meio, ngon, ogin, mein, icon, egin, ngom, nome, noce, onni, egoi, onne, geci, ngoi, geom, inge, mogi, igno, gonn, cone, nego, once, coin, monn, omne.

3 letter words made from comencing:

gen, com, mon, mcg, ice, ecm, cio, icc, eon, con, ecc, one, mei, gem, nec, inn, nim, ige, min, imo, neo, nog, cog, ceo, gin, emg, nig, ecg, ego, men, igm, meg, nne, ion.