Correct spelling for COMITION

We think the word comition is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for comition

  • Caption(Definition of caption)
  • The caption to this chapter contains an implied pledge, that there is to be brought before the eye of the reader three successive gleaners.

  • Cation(Definition of cation)
  • Lastly, halogens could also move into and stabilize a vinyl cation system.

  • Collation(Definition of collation)
  • The duke of tyrconnel and his family, and particularly the lovely adelaide, were delighted with the tranquillity of brussels, and often, accompanied by sir david bruce, they gladly sojourned at the ancient chateau of tervuren, about three leagues distant from brussels, and situated in the forest of soignies, where a cold collation was frequently prepared for them, and which they not only seemed to relish, but were happier in its enjoyment than although it had been served to them on golden plate in palaces of kings.

  • Motion(Definition of motion)
  • Now its motion was like the wide swinging of a lighted lantern on a dark night.

  • Cremation(Definition of cremation)
  • While we were partaking of breakfast a big cloud of smoke arose from the woods situated at the eastern extremity of the bay, causing us to surmise that the dead were at that moment undergoing the process of cremation; but we made no attempt to investigate, leaving the savages to their own devices for that day, and proceeding to the shipyard as usual immediately after breakfast.

  • Caution(Definition of caution)
  • He was bothered, in a way, by the extreme mental caution of this fellow.

  • Gumption(Definition of gumption)
  • If ma had the right kind of gumption with you, she'd put a stop to it, all right.

  • Common(Definition of common)
  • "ah, miss helen, disappointment is a very common experience.

  • Formation(Definition of formation)
  • Through a notch in the mountain wall before them a strange, fan-shaped, frozen formation appeared.

  • Commotion(Definition of commotion)
  • In the indescribable commotion that followed there seemed to be no prearranged plan nor any settled order of operation.

  • Communion(Definition of communion)
  • Lord marshmoreton stopped, and resumed his silent communion with the stuffed bird.

  • Locomotion(Definition of locomotion)
  • Mr. adams inquired whether he thought, if by the effect of this alliance, offensive and defensive, the population of the north should be cut off from its natural outlet upon the ocean, it would fall back upon its rocks, bound hand and foot, to starve; or whether it would retain its power of locomotion to move southward by land.

  • Domitian
  • On the day of his first appearance in the senate domitian spoke a 40 few moderate sentences regretting the absence of his father and brother.

  • Commotions
  • Popular commotions rendered the residence of rome rather uneasy to the sovereign pontiff; urban had retired to orvieto, whence by some mutinous acts, he was again driven to perugia.

  • Omission(Definition of omission)
  • All was correct, but it was observed that the letters of nobility had not been registered by the parliament, and to repair this little omission, the sum of twelve thousand francs was demanded.

  • Commission(Definition of commission)
  • You are mistaken, for not even my own waiting-maids return in proper time when i commission them with a message to you.

  • Collision(Definition of collision)
  • They would think it a matter of prudence also, to avoid the risk of collision with a powerful republic, that had already secured the permanent friendship of france and england; and they would hasten to contract similar treaties.

  • Emotion(Definition of emotion)
  • His face turned a little paler than before, and his lips quivered with suppressed emotion.

  • Coalition(Definition of coalition)
  • An attempt to form a coalition with the french-canadian members drew a sarcastic comment from the globe: "mr. draper has invited the men whom he and his party have for years stigmatized before the country as rebels and traitors and destructives to join his administration."

94 words made from the letters comition

5 letter words made from comition:

imoto, coion, noomi, motoi, minto, conti, cinto, minoo, imino, comin, comnt, tonic, nimit, imoni, oncom, monto, timoc, monic, nooit, monti, ontic, tonci, cioni, cimon, ionic, coton, otomi, comon, conto, nomoi, monot, nicot, tinio, motoc.

3 letter words made from comition:

mon, com, otc, cot, moo, cio, imo, ton, tic, coo, ion, con, mit, nim, oto, min, oct, ono, not, too, omo, tom, mot, nit, tin.

4 letter words made from comition: