Correct spelling for COMMESION

We think the word commesion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for commesion

  • Comedian(Definition of comedian)
  • He was a son of sir robert liston, and cousin of the celebrated comedian, between whom and himself, however, there certainly was no family likeness, liston, the surgeon, being one of the handsomest persons i ever saw.

  • Communion(Definition of communion)
  • Our special object in calling just now is, that we know it will soon be time for the communion in your church, and we have thought that perhaps we ought to make a public profession of our changed views."

  • Commissions
  • Emily spent two-thirds of the time in bed, but susan, fired by isabel wallace's example, took regular exercises now, airing the dogs or finding commissions to execute for emily or mrs. saunders, made radical changes in her diet, and attempted, with only partial success, to confine her reading to improving books.

  • Omission(Definition of omission)
  • Well, he said, it is not too late to supply the omission.

  • Immersion(Definition of immersion)
  • Quickly the inner doors were opened, and, with their suits still dripping from their immersion in the salty sea, ned and koku stepped forth.

  • Commission(Definition of commission)
  • Of course, i shall expect a commission both ways.

  • Commotions
  • William the fourth died childless in 1355. his death is the signal for the outbreak of an almost interminable series of civil commotions.

  • Common(Definition of common)
  • At allahabad it was not very common.

  • Commotion(Definition of commotion)
  • But the moment of forgetfulness had been interrupted by the linotyper, running towards them and asking the cause of the commotion.

  • Cohesion(Definition of cohesion)
  • Instances of this want of cohesion, both in conception and execution, between the various figures in a scene could be multiplied in giorgione's work, no more striking instance being found than in the great undertaking he left unfinished-the large "judgment of solomon," next to be discussed.

  • Commissioner(Definition of commissioner)
  • "well," said the commissioner, "i'm with you there.

  • Compassion(Definition of compassion)
  • I had felt so proud of my character, that the idea of going upon trial was hard for me to bear, and i just answered that i would go; i was not as grateful as perhaps i ought to have been, for it was very good in him to believe me innocent, in spite of all that was told him against me, and i ought to have thanked him for his compassion upon such a forlorn creature as i was then.

230 words made from the letters commesion

5 letter words made from commesion:

emosi, mieno, inmos, noose, conse, imson, senio, nimos, simon, memin, monem, nismo, nesci, noise, coons, onces, omens, simec, simme, moins, oinos, moocs, ensco, mosin, scone, mimeo, moism, mesic, momen, mineo, memon, moose, icons, momin, censo, mesin, meoni, moiso, scion, nomme, cosio, mince, minos, miens, momoi, iseco, emmis, nomes, nemco, mices, moone, noemi, cones, imeon, seoni, sonce, momic, onemi, econo, mosco, osone, momes, cione, coens, oncom, memos, senoi, comin, monic, semin, comen, meson, minoo, sonic, monis, sommo, ciose, mosen, nomoi, omnis, coion, comon, cines, scien, sinoe, somei, momos, simco, minec, oomen, eosin, cimon, ineos, comme, nimes, osmon, msomi, momoe, moson, mimes, cions, somen, cooms, nomos, semon, scoon, noomi, misce, eison, scomi, moine, ommen, omics, onome, monie, cisne, somme, omnes, isone, osimo, cooie, inose, socie, nimmo, meins.

3 letter words made from commesion:

ion, coo, sin, mes, ism, ceo, mon, sec, mis, men, mem, imo, sen, eon, cis, moo, min, ice, sic, cio, son, som, neo, nec, eos, omo, mom, one, msc, cns, ono, nsc, com, ecm, cos, ies, con, esm, nim, iso, mei.

4 letter words made from commesion:

meso, enim, mime, coos, smin, icon, omeo, enic, meno, coon, omne, nome, mien, semi, omon, msec, smen, memo, once, meio, oseo, nice, some, sone, comm, mein, oons, osco, nomo, mine, sncm, cons, omen, inec, scen, mono, mons, emmo, icse, noio, emin, eons, moen, coin, come, meon, noce, ices, moos, sein, omni, sion, onoe, onos, mooi, cone, soon, seoi, inme, moon, coen, sine, nose, osen.