Correct spelling for COMPANIE

We think the word companie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for companie

  • Camping
  • You found the letter in pine's tent when he was camping here as hearne, and passed it to silver so that he might ask money for it.

  • Combine
  • They have no social instinct apart from the instinct to combine for safety.

  • Companion
  • Pollard looked with a sort of wonder on his companion.

  • Compare
  • Perhaps we may both be right, for there is no master to compare with experience.

  • Compile
  • The philadelphia negro is an ordinary report on social conditions which a local secretary of the urban league could now compile in almost any large city in about three or six months and his the negro is merely a summary of a number of popular works setting forth such history of africa as a few travellers have been able to learn from the outside.

  • Campanile
  • San antonio de padua lacks the terraced towers and the pierced campanile.

  • Complainer
  • Comparing
  • "here is the list," said the detective, taking it from his pocket and comparing it with the other; "and by heavens," he continued, "the writing is the same."

  • Company
  • I guess katy ought to have the best place 'cause she's company.

  • Companies
  • 43. companies of players.

  • Complain
  • Thin it got hotter an' hotter, an' people begun to complain a little.

284 words made from the letters companie

3 letter words made from companie:

eon, apc, map, nip, one, cap, moa, ipo, epa, cpi, cam, ion, pie, man, com, ane, pia, ain, pic, ace, imo, pin, aec, min, ape, oca, poe, poi, cop, pan, ani, nec, nim, can, pen, mei, nap, ice, men, ceo, neo, mon, cpa, pei, con, epi, cia, ecm, pea, pom, mao, mop, cio, aim, pac, amp, imp, poa, mac.

4 letter words made from companie:

5 letter words made from companie:

imane, comin, paone, macon, ampon, minoa, canoe, namco, menai, maino, copia, emani, pimen, pecan, ciona, maipo, camon, piane, paino, pineo, aimco, eiman, cinoa, comen, ciena, piano, penca, pemon, opine, penic, mapei, apion, peano, menia, meina, imeon, moena, paion, pince, copei, penam, monae, apcom, emain, enami, poena, paine, ocean, namie, minea, canim, ponca, opina, nampo, piena, ceman, anemo, epona, copen, nomia, amnic, naeim, iname, omani, caion, iacon, penco, piman, omnia, cinae, amine, encap, picea, noema, nemco, monie, minec, panem, cameo, comae, amien, mopan, ponce, imano, miano, manco, anime, cinma, amino, cenpi, cimon, amnio, animo, meoni, onemi, namoi, naomi, moine, acone, monpa, paoni, nomae, panic, mance, manic, cione, monia, copie, canio, maine, pimco, poema, noica, nepic, canem, mieno, campo, ocain, incae, noemi, pacem, monic, ciano, mineo, penia, capon, mince, emona.