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How to spell COMS correctly?

If you meant to write "coms" but misspelled it, possible correct suggestions could be "comas" (a state of prolonged unconsciousness) or "combs" (a tool used to arrange and style hair). Remember to proofread your work to avoid unintended errors and confusion for readers.

List of suggestions on how to spell coms correctly

  • CAMS CAMS is a software used for managing compliance and anti-money laundering processes in financial institutions.
  • COBS I bought a bag of COBS from the bakery to make some homemade cornbread.
  • CODS
  • COGS The company's COGS have increased due to the rising costs of raw materials.
  • COLS The COls are in the studio.
  • coma The patient was in a deep coma and the doctors were doing everything they could to revive them.
  • Comas After falling asleep on the plane, my headlong descent into Comas was a welcome relief.
  • comb
  • combs She combs her hair every morning before leaving the house.
  • come I will come to your party if I am free that day.
  • Comes Comes great responsibility with great power.
  • comm I need to check in with the comm officer before we depart.
  • Como
  • COMP
  • COMPS I have to attend classes and write COMPS essays at the end of the semester.
  • cons I don't think that's a good idea - it's Cons.
  • coos The dove coos softly in the morning sun.
  • Cops The cops were called to investigate the noise complaint.
  • CORMS CORMS are specialized stems that store starches for the plant to use during periods of dormancy.
  • cos I use the cosine function, cos, in my math calculations.
  • cots The Red Cross provided cots for the displaced families following the hurricane.
  • cows
  • CUMS I bought a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but I really wanted some Sumatra CUMS.
  • MOMS
  • OMS The World Health Organization's Outbreak Management System (OMS) helps countries quickly detect and respond to public health emergencies.
  • POMS I always carry POMS when I go out.
  • TOMS I always wear TOMS because they're so comfortable.

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