Correct spelling for COMUNETIES

We think the word comuneties is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for comuneties

  • Mounties
  • Counts
  • I abolished at lyons all that parchment nobility; it was never sensible of what it owed me: it was i that exalted it, by making counts and barons of my best generals.

  • Commentaries
  • Boccaccio, then sinking under the infirmities of age, roused his departing genius: still was there marrow in the bones of the aged lion, and he engaged in the task of composing his celebrated commentaries on the divina commedia.

  • Competes
  • A member of the heartland conference, dallas baptist university sponsors eight men's and seven womens teams in ncaa sanctioned sports: note = the division i baseball team competes as an affiliate member of the missouri valley conference

  • Countess(Definition of countess)
  • To be a countess would make many things easier for her, she thought.

  • Communities
  • Indeed, the force and form of the institution called states continued in greater perfection in those republican communities than under monarchies.

  • Halfways
  • Counties
  • While the execution of monmouth occupied the thoughts of the londoners, the counties which had risen against the government were enduring all that a ferocious soldiery could inflict.

  • Unhazy
  • Comments
  • Mr. wiseman tells the story, mr. attentive comments upon it.

  • Commutes
  • The cohomology ring is graded-commutative in the sense that the cup product commutes up to a sign determined by the grading.

  • Comets
  • I made the acquaintance of signore donati, afterwards celebrated for the discovery of one of the most brilliant comets of this century, whose course and changes i watched with the greatest interest.

  • Comedies
  • If they could only speak, what tragedies and comedies they could tell us of, what flirtations and proposals."

  • Counters
  • The silk hats are represented by black counters and the felt hats by white counters.

635 words made from the letters comuneties

4 letter words made from comuneties:

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5 letter words made from comuneties:

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3 letter words made from comuneties:

men, msc, som, oui, net, nim, ies, ceo, eec, neo, tiu, imo, mst, nee, nit, nsu, son, tie, cum, sin, one, emu, iso, ese, nut, esm, sec, cis, stm, mes, iou, ecm, sit, ute, ene, mot, cos, oct, mis, ton, com, con, sun, toe, nsc, min, tee, out, eos, otc, ent, sic, tom, mus, sum, use, uni, sue, cns, sen, utc, cue, sot, mit, tum, set, cst, ion, cot, icu, cut, tin, uns, etc, not, mei, cio, mut, see, est, tun, ten, tec, nec, ism, tic, eon, mon, ect, ice, sou.