Correct spelling for CONCIDERD

We think the word conciderd is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for conciderd

  • Coincident(Definition of coincident)
  • The movement for international peace through arbitration, far from being a mere bubble on the surface of society to be burst by the first war cloud which appears on the horizon, is a movement, centuries old, coincident with social evolution, deep-rooted in the very nature of a developing world-wide civilization.

  • Concert(Definition of concert)
  • That concert of feeling and action which had carried the people through the perils of the war was now lost in the whirlpool of self.

  • Conceded(Definition of conceded)
  • "of course i know i am not brilliant," conceded harriet, "but then i am never commonplace."

  • Coincided
  • The second advance of the glaciers may have coincided in date with the re-elevation of the alps, as well as of the scotch and welsh mountains; and lastly, the final retreat of the swiss and italian glaciers may have taken place when man and the extinct mammalia were colonising the north-west of europe and beginning to inhabit areas which had formed the bed of the glacial sea during the era of chief submergence.

  • Coincide(Definition of coincide)
  • "young man, i would suspect you were jesting with me," returned the captain, "but for the fact that you told me of your experiences first, before you could know that mine would coincide with them so exactly."

  • Conceited(Definition of conceited)
  • Veracini was conceited and vainglorious, and these traits of his character have given rise to a number of rather inconsequential stories.

  • Considers
  • Cardinal newman recognises a secret tradition, handed down from the apostles, but he considers that it consisted of christian doctrines, later divulged, forgetting that those who were told that they were not yet fit to receive it were not heathen, nor even catechumens under instruction, but full communicating members of the christian church.

  • Conceived
  • With these people to do what they conceived to be right was part of their life, and to do either less or more was to them incomprehensible.

  • Coincides
  • It is a beautiful little creature, expanding scarcely an inch across its outstretched wings, found from new england west to montana along a rather restricted area, which coincides pretty closely with the southern part of the transition zone.

  • Considered(Definition of considered)
  • He and his whiskers were considered to be enough company for each other.

  • Consider(Definition of consider)
  • I didn't consider you; i was selfish enough to think of no one but myself.

  • Confided
  • He did not pretend, however, to have had any personal communication with leicester, but said that the affair had been confided to him by colonel cosmo, on the express authority of the earl, and that he had believed himself to be acting in obedience to his excellency's commands.

  • Concede(Definition of concede)
  • It was obligatory on all seigniors to register their grants at quebec, to concede or sub-infeudate them under the rule of jeu de fief, and settle them with as little delay as practicable.

  • Concerted(Definition of concerted)
  • Concerted movement by the federation could revolutionize public opinion within a decade.

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3 letter words made from conciderd:

edd, ore, rid, ded, din, dod, nec, die, eon, ecc, dre, end, nod, dec, icc, roe, ion, ire, ode, nrc, con, roc, oed, red, one, ido, ern, ron, rio, doc, rod, cer, cio, don, edo, cro, ceo, den, iod, neo, doe, odd, ice.