Correct spelling for CONCOCKTING

We think the word concockting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for concockting

  • concoct You would be coached by your lawyers, have time to concoct lies, to manufacture conditions that would color your claim, and in court you would be self-possessed and on your guard.
  • concoction It was such a London, such an England, which offered itself invitingly to the predatory ambitions of Mr. Ponderevo, so that out of a simple concoction of drugs and water he was able to capture the money of hundreds of thousands who fondly believed that Tono-Bungay would give them new vigour and zest in life.
  • conducting
  • connecting
  • Concocted To right himself, Don Quixote concocted a balsam of which he had read, and drinking it off, presently was so grievously ill that he was like to cast up his heart and liver.
  • Concocting Wabeda, the dog, lay near the fire in a half doze, watching out of the corners of his eyes the tame raccoon, which snuggled back against the walls of the teepee, his shrewd brain, doubtless, concocting some mischief for the hours of darkness.
  • Concreting
  • Conjugating
  • Convicting
  • contacting
  • concocts In his heart he concocts for himself a prodigious mixture of sorrow and of joy, of suffering and of ecstacy, but the great world, wotting naught of this secret alchemy and judging only according to the facts which lie upon the surface, slices down to the same level, with the same stupid knife, the strange, beautiful flower, as well as the evil weed that grew apace.

195 words made from the letters concockting

3 letter words made from concockting:

inn, kit, gin, cot, tin, ono, icc, too, nit, goo, coo, ink, tic, cog, tko, kin, oct, con, otc, ion, nig, nog, oto, ton, cio, tog, not, ccc.

5 letter words made from concockting:

kocic, coton, gonin, ogoni, coign, goton, konni, cicco, goito, cocco, coion, kinoo, tiong, okino, conti, koong, citgo, kogon, tonin, oingo, ontic, kooti, oning, koito, knogo, tocco, tonic, conto, togni, nicot, okito, kongo, konon, nicko, kocin, cinto, conic, cinct, ingot, tingo, cocci, nikto, nicon, konti, konin, konno, tocci, tonci, kotin, ionno, nooni, togoi, kitco, tokic, congo, nigon, oking, ngoni, toing, coing, niton, notin, kioto, giono, gioco, kiton, conon, nooit, nkono, tokio, konig, ogino, tigon, onion, koing, gonic.

4 letter words made from concockting:

king, kogo, ogin, noio, ktnn, kton, ikco, cing, gion, koto, tick, ikon, koit, koot, ngoi, nick, oink, otok, coon, ocko, nito, gnoo, iton, gook, nikc, goon, nong, cock, ongo, kino, iong, coto, octo, tono, goit, kogi, coko, ning, knit, tink, coin, coki, onon, tiko, ngon, kito, oont, noko, gooi, nock, gonk, noto, ting, koni, onno, toko, togi, onni, coco, nook, tonk, cook, okin, knot, tion, noon, conn, ikot, conk, igon, coot, oton, togo, icon, ngok, kigo, cnnc, kooi, nono, goti, toci, otic, oonk, koon, itno, otik, gonn, koci, gick, igno, okon.

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