Correct spelling for CONCURRANT

We think the word concurrant is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for concurrant

  • concordant The fact that each maritime State has a right to legislate for its own vessels gives it a share in keeping up a certain order on the Open Sea. And such order has been turned into a more or less general order since the large maritime States have concurrently made more or less concordant laws for the conduct of their vessels on the Open Sea.
  • concurrence I have alsoe my owne little Catechising, after a humbler Sorte, in the Kitchen, and some poore Folk to relieve and console, with my Husband's Concurrence and Encouragement.
  • concurrent Anyhow, time was of the essence of the contract, so we drew up a concurrent resolution, and she got a Republican and a Democrat to introduce it together, and it slid along on its way to Washington within forty-eight hours; she and a Mrs. Platt worked it together.
  • concurrently The labor legislation hereinafter referred to should concurrently be enacted into law.
  • concurring And by concurring in those sent from the Providence and Erie Conferences, and at the same time re-affirming her own, which was going the circuit of the other Conferences, she hoped to see some one of them reach the approaching General Conference, with the recommendation of a sufficient number of the Annual Conferences, to make it a law at once on the action of that body.
  • congruent This overlap is congruent with the observation that relatives of probands with schizophrenia are at higher risk for bipolar disorder and vice versa.
  • Concurred This could only have been because she concurred in their tribute, even qualified, and indeed "the English style" of the gentleman-perhaps by instant contrast to the American-was what had had the arresting power.
  • Concurrency SR 14 leaves the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area west of Maryhill, where the highway intersects its spur route and US 97, forming a short concurrency with the latter.
  • lookings He began to have occasional lookings-backward to Burrell Court and the respectability it represented.
  • lookouted
  • lookouting

244 words made from the letters concurrant

5 letter words made from concurrant:

curra, roura, caton, arnor, coura, orant, corru, tanon, otrar, rutan, tauon, crunt, raron, traun, nutan, runan, truan, ouran, urton, nutro, turon, urano, autor, turco, canut, octan, conca, ronca, canon, taroc, rauno, cutan, carno, tocca, turca, cantu, court, ortac, arcot, tauno, otaru, tanur, taruc, tauco, curto, nacco, rocta, unrar, torna, torun, untar, naunt, naron, canot, craun, tanno, acorn, tocar, rocca, cotan, runco, cuora, nurra, rotan, turno, carco, uarco, coact, count, cuota, runar, curta, canor, croat, roran, tannu, runon, nanto, truco, auror, racon, canno, unnao, occur, crato, corra, tronc, carro, actor, ranon, corta, tanco, conta, annur, canto, croan, uraco, rocan, tonna, ranco, corna, norra, ruano, cornu, corca, accnt, nanur, nunca, craon.

3 letter words made from concurrant:

oct, roc, run, con, cat, nut, utc, uta, ton, uca, crt, tau, act, oca, rna, tar, not, orr, cot, ant, ron, art, cur, tan, rat, car, out, rut, rot, cut, oat, tun, nun, otc, tor, cro, nan, can, arc, uro, oar, nrc, urn, anu, tao.

4 letter words made from concurrant:

cuan, cran, ruta, naur, nano, trna, cocu, rano, cora, runo, rant, conn, ratu, runa, narn, curt, nuno, rotc, coua, ruto, taco, runt, narc, uaoc, nonu, nato, roan, torn, tarn, rout, aoun, noua, corn, crau, nrna, tuno, onca, cnnc, nurr, ourn, tuna, utca, nuon, nunc, orca, noun, cart, taou, rota, roar, coca, urcc, taro, torr, raun, rort, nout, nuoc, aunt, unco, naor, norn, tour, auto, auro, norr, arno, turn, taon, octa, raut, onur, cant, toun, coat, urna, urca, cuon, cron, turo, oran, cnut, nona, utor, tuor, nuta, cunt, atun, nuna, utan.

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