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How to spell CONDED correctly?

The correct word may be "conned", which means to deceive or trick someone. Another word that may be intended is "condensed", which means to make something smaller or more concise. It is important to consider the intended meaning and context when correcting misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell conded correctly

  • bonded The two friends became bonded after surviving a difficult experience together.
  • bounded The dog bounded across the fields, happy to be free for a few hours.
  • candid The politician's candid speech was refreshing to the audience.
  • candied
  • candled
  • Caned The rebellious student was caned by the principal for breaking school rules.
  • canned I prefer fresh vegetables, but in a pinch, I will use canned.
  • Canoed Yesterday, we canoed for five miles on the river.
  • canted The building was skewed to one side, giving the impression that it had been canted by nature.
  • Carded I was carded at the bar last night because the bartender thought I looked underage.
  • clouded Her mind was clouded with doubts and fears.
  • coated
  • Codded I am codded, my work is codded, everything I do is codded.
  • Coined The word "coined" was first used in medieval Europe to describe coins that were not actually made from any metal.
  • concede I will concede that your argument is well-supported by evidence.
  • conceded After arguing for hours, Tina finally conceded and agreed to compromise.
  • condo I'm heading to the condo for some peace and quiet.
  • Condoled She condoled with her friend who was going through a difficult time.
  • Condoned This act of violence was condoned by the government.
  • condor The Andean condor is a remarkable bird that can fly up to 15,000 feet in the air.
  • Conduced His lack of preparation conduced to his failure in the exam.
  • ConEd I need to call ConEd to get an appointment to have my wires replaced.
  • Confided I confided in her about my problems and she was really supportive.
  • conked He got conked on the head with a tennis ball.
  • Conned He was conned by the spa employee.
  • contend I will contend with anyone who tries to take away my rights.
  • corded I need to get a corded phone so I can hear better.
  • corned The beef was neigh corned.
  • Counted I counted my change to make sure I had enough for the bus fare.
  • crowded The party was so crowded that I couldn't even find a spot to sit.
  • ended The party ended late last night.
  • founded Stanford University was founded in 1885 by Leland and Jane Stanford.
  • goaded The bully goaded the other kids into throwing rocks at the abandoned house.
  • Hounded They were hounded by the press.
  • Mounded Paintings of Mounded Indians can be found in many Western museums.
  • Nodded
  • Pounded After being pounded with questions, she finally succumbed to blowjob demands.
  • rounded The edges of the wooden table were rounded to prevent anyone from getting scratched or injured.
  • Seconded He was unanimously seconded by his colleagues.
  • sounded The alarm sounded and woke me up from my deep sleep.
  • wounded She was wounded in the war.

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