Correct spelling for CONDIENT

We think the word condient is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for condient

  • Condign(Definition of condign)
  • The idea of referring her case to the pope was not at all what cauchon wished to enter her mind; and when he found that john de la fontaine and two monks had visited the prisoner and advised her to submit herself to rome, he was furious, and threatened them with condign punishment.

  • Convent(Definition of convent)
  • "i want to enter a convent,"-she said, in a dull tone.

  • Condiment(Definition of condiment)
  • I 'faith, i believe i know how to flavour my conversation with attick salt, but i swear i never dressed myself for the role of condiment.

  • Content(Definition of content)
  • And you are content.

  • Coincident(Definition of coincident)
  • 8 from this it appears that the several gospels bear almost exactly an inverse relation to one another, st. mark and st. john occupying the extreme positions, the proportion of original passages in one balancing the coincident passages in the other.

  • Condone(Definition of condone)
  • Other things, more serious things, she liked to think she was woman of the world enough to condone.

  • Condoned
  • He had shattered the alliance which had been formed for the purpose of curbing him, and the result of the election had virtually condoned his breach of the constitution.

  • Consent(Definition of consent)
  • He couldn't have married you without your consent.

  • Conduit(Definition of conduit)
  • He was engaged in building a flume, or wooden conduit to bring down water to the mine, and was intently watching two little trails of faint blue smoke with a thin red sparkle in the midst of them which crept up a dark rock's side.

  • Continent(Definition of continent)
  • Then two or three years ago we hear of it for the first time on the continent of europe, and last year for the first time in any threatening form in our own islands.

  • Confident(Definition of confident)
  • Some of his friends were less confident.

  • Confidant(Definition of confidant)
  • "i had not deserved it-that i felt; but i suffered all the same, and suffered all the more that i could take no confidant into my troubles.

  • Contend(Definition of contend)
  • It is true there were fierce and savage beasts to contend with.

193 words made from the letters condient

4 letter words made from condient:

5 letter words made from condient:

ideon, denno, itoen, noite, dicot, edict, onend, doten, intoe, inetd, onnie, indeo, conti, nicod, donne, inden, onned, einon, inced, nicon, cedit, conen, denon, necon, cione, toein, tendo, nicot, tenno, ennio, tenon, nieto, conne, notin, nicen, netco, cient, denio, dicto, tonne, nonde, donen, niton, tonci, oncet, niten, nocte, tined, tiden, entin, ndeti, cinto, denti, toned, iteco, ecoid, cenon, odein, nonce, tonen, tondi, ontic, endon, tenco, ecton, toine, tieon, indec, noted, coden, dinon, cnote, tonin, tecno, coted, centi, tonic, noten.

3 letter words made from condient:

iod, nne, oct, dit, din, etc, ton, toe, ted, tie, don, tec, ceo, inn, nit, otc, end, ion, doc, cio, nod, dec, dot, oed, net, die, neo, ode, not, ect, ido, tic, eon, nec, ten, doe, edo, den, cot, tod, ice, ent, tin, con, one.