Correct spelling for CONDIERING

We think the word condiering is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for condiering

  • Wandering(Definition of wandering)
  • Wandering over the hill one bright winter day, with no companion but a large dog, i stopped to look in at the window of the old house.

  • Tendering
  • Cantering(Definition of cantering)
  • Emmons now came cantering back with his charges just as the fallen mule regained its feet with the saddle between its legs.

  • Sundering
  • Conjuring(Definition of conjuring)
  • He was so excited that he didn't seem to know wot 'e was doing, and arter he 'ad got three more 'arf-pints waiting for me, all in a row on the counter, i 'ad to ask 'im whether he thought i was there to do conjuring tricks, or wot?

  • Countering
  • Hindering
  • But i came back to tell you: there was no hindering it; you must know."

  • Conferring
  • Foundering(Definition of foundering)
  • It had been so, of course, for several days preceding the wreck, but the thought that they were in a tropical climate had been forgotten in the excitement of the foundering of the ship.

  • Cindering
  • Contouring
  • Condoning
  • Pandering
  • Conducing
  • Centering(Definition of centering)
  • Guess i'd better edge in towards where that drive seems to be centering.

  • Considering(Definition of Considering)
  • Cornering
  • Cankering(Definition of Cankering)
  • Whence come, my soul, these gloomy dreams, that darken thus my waking hours? and whence this blighting cloud, that seems to wither all thy better powers? what is this cankering worm that clings around my heart with deadly strain, that o'er my thoughts its mildew flings, and makes my life one age of pain?

  • Rendering(Definition of rendering)
  • He recorded his observations and doings relating to these two persons, and his accounts are available to-day, though there is evidence rendering it probable that he never prepared either record for the press, and that both have become public without his sanction.

  • Pondering
  • And so shall you perceive how my thoughts did go to and fro, as i did eat with mine own; and so in the last i to find that i did think very serious; and i then to cast from me this pondering, and to have that utter joy which did be upon us, and to seem that it did fill all that strange country of seas.

  • Condoling
  • Wondering
  • Anthony rose again, wondering what the paper could be, and came towards the table.

  • Conquering
  • It chanced one day that as apollo drove his chariot on its all-conquering round, he saw the boy.

455 words made from the letters condiering

5 letter words made from condiering:

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4 letter words made from condiering:

gedr, egri, dncg, roen, rein, goer, nego, once, dine, igon, endo, idio, nine, deci, coen, nong, egco, dier, gedo, ogin, rogi, conn, onen, donc, dire, coir, cdng, noen, cenn, dero, icon, nied, reid, ogre, iron, cred, redo, noce, nerd, enic, oger, doin, rend, rind, grce, gied, onge, cedi, ngoi, neon, cone, ingi, odin, reni, dogi, cego, dron, nodi, nero, cing, dein, igoe, dong, igno, norn, neid, nice, coin, dinn, indo, rice, roig, reno, idog, cero, gond, rico, grid, dreg, ideo, ried, done, iori, degn, giro, nige, ngon, core, node, cron, nidi, gone, doer, gion, dior, rigo, doge, noir, grin, gnrn, oder, iong, dice, nori, nein, geci, orne, gonn, oned, onni, cord, ogie, degr, onne, orge, ding, ergo, iced, inec, erni, gird, corn, iino, engi, code, deor, nido, rdio, iing, gien, enid, inge, rido, oreg, dego, ring, egin, egoi, noer, gnod, gore, ning, none, ride, eini, gorn.

3 letter words made from condiering:

neo, dec, ern, cog, rig, ige, iod, erg, nec, red, god, ego, ceo, ion, don, nig, ire, edo, nod, cro, ice, dog, dig, ido, rid, eon, one, cer, ode, die, nog, nrc, inn, gin, ore, end, rio, den, din, nne, ron, dre, rod, roc, doc, gen, igd, roe, con, cio, doe, ecg, oed.